UC to host 7th AEF, 29-31 July 2011


22 June 2011 (Phnom Penh) – After six consecutive successful conferences, the Asia Economic Forum (AEF) is pleased to announce that it will convene its seventh annual conference, entitled “The Asian Century in the Making: Achievements, Challenges, and Future Trends” in Phnom Penh, from 29-31 July 2011. The event will take place at Raffles Hotel Le Royal.


The University of Cambodia (UC) and the Worldwide Support for Development will host the 7th AEF.


The 7th AEF addresses a litany of issues that span the region with punctuated attention on pressing matters that touch home in the Kingdom. The theme for this year’s conference focuses on Asia’s achievements, challenges, and future trends, particularly in a decade into what is labeled the Asian century.


The first decade of the 21st century suggest the emergence of the so-called “New Asian Century.” This assumption stems from the massive progress made across the region. Much of Asia has proven a remarkable resilience against the global economic crises, while major superpowers - including the United States and much of Europe – continue to claw out of debt.  Smaller Asian economies also have bounced back to positive territories with signs of rapid recovery and progress. These new trends require in-depth discussions among Asia’s leading thinkers and action-makers. The 7th AEF aims to provide a forum to facilitate this landmark event.


The 7th AEF objectives are to:

1.      Examine how Asia is responding to the economic, political, social, and environmental challenges facing the region and the world;

2.      Analyze Asia’s achievements and challenges, particularly during the first decade of the \'Asian Century,\' and discuss implications for the future;

3.      Determine how world events affect Asia’s development and its search for a synergistic leadership in regional and global affairs; and

4.      Identify ways to further develop Asia’s evolving regional architecture by involving participants in dialogue regarding issues facing Asia in the 21st century.


The 7th AEF is expected to be attended by a high-level group of people from Asia, including policymakers, experts, scholars, researchers, members of the public and private sectors, representatives of international institutions, and representatives of civil society.


Additional information can be ascertained directly via the AEF website (www.aef.org.kh) or by contacting AEF’s coordinators Ms. Malis Por, Mrs. Seng Dao Keo, or Mr. Peter Tan Keo, Secretary-General of the AEF, at the contact addresses provided below:


Ms. Malis Por

AEF National Coordinator


(855-12) 483-508

(855-23) 993-274

Fax: (855-23) 994-940


Mrs. Seng Dao Keo

AEF Coordinator


(855-97) 722- 0213

(855-23) 987-335

Fax: (855-23) 993-284


Mr. Peter Tan Keo

AEF Secretary-General


(855-97) 722- 0215

(855-23) 987-335

Fax: (855-23) 993-284


We look forward to a thought-provoking discussion among regional and global leaders and thinkers.

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