UC Hosted Ralph Begleiter, Director of the Center for Political Communication at the University of Delaware and former CNN Correspondent

28 June 2011 (Phnom Penh) – The University of Cambodia (UC) hosted former CNN International Correspondent Mr. Ralph Begleiter. The event took place 27 June 2011 at the UC Conference Center, and was presided over by Mr. Peter Tan Keo, Vice President for Strategy, Development, and International Cooperation.

Mr. Begleiter delivered an informative lecture on “New Media and Its Effects on Domestic Politics.” He explored the impact of social networking on political change across the globe, with close attention to the Middle East. In the presentation, Mr. Begleiter highlighted the history and evolution of technology over the years, from a simple typewriter to a hand-held phone to cell phones to smart phones to the Internet. He argued that increased Internet penetration throughout the globe, with Asia having the most users at 44%, has paved the way for the growing demand for social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter. He also argued that recent events in the Middle East unfolded, to a large extent, because of these technological tools.

“A country doesn’t need to have high Internet penetration to have social media playing a heavy role for political purposes,” he said.

Mr. Begleiter also highlighted the importance of media and technology in educating young minds. He encouraged UC students to spend their time wisely, accessing valuable learning information that will shape their opinions of the world. He also encouraged students to access different types of information from myriad perspectives before formulating an opinion or making an educated guess.

Mr. Ralph Begleiter currently serves as the Director of the Center for Political Communication at the University of Delaware. He brings more than 30 years of broadcast journalism experience to his instruction in communication, journalism, and political science. At CNN during the 1980’s and 1990’s, Mr. Begleiter covered U.S. diplomacy, interviewed countless world leaders, hosted a global public affairs show, and co-anchored CNN’s “International Hour.” He holds an Honors B.A. in political science from Brown University, and M.S. in Journalism from Columbia University, and is a member of the National Honor Society, Phi Beta Kappa.

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