Former Secretary-General of the ASEAN-Japan Center Visits UC


On 22 December 2010, former Secretary-General of the ASEAN-Japan Center, Ambassador Nobutoshi Akao, led a delegation from Japan to visit the University of Cambodia.  Professor Juro Nakagawa, Special Advisor to the Japan Promotion Center for Advanced Technology (JPAT) and Professor Masayuki Iwasa also accompanied the Ambassador.  Ambassador Akao is also a Special Advisor to JPAT.

The purpose of their visit was to share new information regarding a hydroelectric power and water conservation project, called Hydretain.  The Ambassador and his team are spearheading this initiative in Cambodia.  Hydretain reduces watering frequency, thus saving the amount of water consumers would have to use in order to water plants.  Ambassador Akao also wanted to rekindle old ties with Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, UC President and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, given their long and enduring friendship.

Dr. Kao was receptive to the information, and reinforced the importance of hydroelectric power and water conservation in Cambodia.  Dr. Kao provided input with regard to the possible use of the Mekong River and the Tonle Sap as viable alternative sources for enriching our energy supply.  Furthermore, this water conservation project will be a wonderful addition to the botanical garden that the University of Cambodia is scheduled to build in its upcoming Siem Reap campus.











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