Inha University Inks MOU with UC


Inha University Inks MOU with UC
22 October 2010 (Phnom Penh) – The University of Cambodia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Inha University, South Korea. The event took place at 3:00 pm, in the UC Conference Center.
In signing this MOU, the University of Cambodia has built another platform atop a solid foundation of academic rigor, critical thinking, innovation, lifelong learning, and improving communities. Today, Inha University has joined the University of Cambodia and a host of friends with a firm commitment to academic excellence.
Specifically, the MOU seeks to fulfill a number of objectives, each coming together to engage academic cooperation in a way that advances learning through empirical research and knowledge sharing.
Those five objectives are:
1.      Encourage faculty exchanges from one university to the other;
2.      Facilitate the admission of qualified students to enroll in undergraduate and graduate programs;
3.      Promote international understanding by student exchanges and research collaboration, with particular regard to Media and Communications;
4.      Foster exchange of academic publications and scholarly information; and
5.      Promote other activities that enhance the above-mentioned goals.
The University of Cambodia was founded in 2003, and embraces a strong culture of 1) pursuing empirical knowledge through systematic research, 2) encouraging intellectual stimulation and growth, irrespective of age, race, class or creed; 3) learning across the spectrum and lifespan, 4) supporting innovation and critical thinking, not simple rote memorization, and 5) improving society by reinvesting intellectual and social capital.
Inha University was founded in 1954, and serves as “an educational hub of Northeast Asia.” They are driven by three interlocking goals:
1.      Emphasize ethical conduct and critical judgment in order to nurture talented individuals who will contribute to the betterment of humanity;
2.      Foster talented individuals who possess creativity and the ability to rise to the challenge with insight into global trends, while pursuing practical knowledge and truth; and
3.      Nurture talented individuals to possess the skills to lead the nation and pursue prosperity for its people.
Both institutions have signed this MOU, because they share similar goals and ideals about how to enhance educational opportunities for Cambodia and South Korea. Those goals and ideals are concentrated around character development, truth, and service to society. The MOU, which lays the foundation for this partnership, is one critical step in the right direction.

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