Study Visit on Non-Formal Education

Study Visit on Non-Formal Education

August 27, 2010


Mr. Chheang Sangvath, Associate Dean for the College of Education, and faculty members Mr. Chum Chandarin and Mr. Im Keun will lead a class to visit the Community Learning Center in Teuk Poush District, Kampong Chhnang Province, to examine different forms of non-formal education.   


The class will spend the weekend looking at various education methods used outside the formal school system in what is known as non-formal education (including popular education).  The class will observe how different non-formal education methods can be used to acheive collective action to help marginalized communities improve their quality of life


The objectives of the field study are to:


·         Apply classroom theories to practical real life situations

·         Gain knowledge and skills

·         Build working relationships between UC students and the community

·         Hands-on observation and implementation of non-formal education




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