The Cambodia Weekly, MARCH 1 - 7, 2009 / VOL. 3, ISSUE NO. 9

One of the University of Cambodia’s Samdech Techo Hun Sen “Vision 100”scholarship students, Bunnrith Soriya, 19, was born in 1988 in Phnom Penh. She is the youngest in her family and has three brothers. She is now studying economics at the University of Cambodia (UC).

“I think I am very lucky as I passed the scholarship exams from the University of Cambodia, a top flight institution in the region. I am happy because the University takes care of all my tuition fees, removing a great burden from my parent’s shoulders,” she told the Cambodia Weekly on February 24.

Soriya studied at Samdech Chea Sim–Chroy Changvar High School in Phnom Penh, earning her Baccalaureate in 2008. She applied to study Economics at UC following the

introduction of the Samdech Techo Hun Sen “Vision 100”scholarship in 2008. She now studies very hard to make the most of the opportunities presented to her.

“I think that if I paid for my studies at another private university, my expenses would be more than $600 per year. Thus, to show my appreciation to the University of Cambodia and Prime Minister Hun Sen, the scholarship owner and therefore my gracious benefactor, I will study hard to reach my Bachelor’s degree goal. I will then continue my studies as far as I can take them with the University of Cambodia,” she added.

Soriya continued to say that be- BY BUTH REAKSMEY KONGKEA SORIYA WANTS TO BE A BANK MANAGER sides her studies, she is now looking for internships with a range of national and international Non-Governmental Organizations here in Phnom Penh. She wants intern work so that she can learn about workflows in other professional organizations and gain useful experience prior to graduation.

“I decided to study Economics at the University of Cambodia on the recommendation of older, more experienced friends who said UC is the right place to learn in Cambodia. This institution emphasizes not only the theoretical nature of the subjects but provides practical advice on how to apply theory to meet the demands of modern day Cambodia,” she said.

She said that after studying here, she was convinced that UC offers the highest quality educational services in Cambodia. She cited the University’s qualified instructors and the relevance of the subjects to the needs of today’s students and jobs market.

“My dream is to be obtained a higher degree in Economics with UC and to be a banker or economist in future. I think that when I complete my studies, I will apply for banking worka nd then go on to establish my own bank,” she told the Cambodia Weekly.

Peo Borey, 18, a fi rst year student with a university in Phnom Penh, and personal friend to Soriya, said that she knows Soriya to be a very hardworking student.

“I have known Soriya since we studied together in grade 9 at Chroy Changvar High School in Phnom Penh. Soriya is a hard worker and she is generally the most outstanding student in the class,” she told the Cambodia Weekly during interview.

Pol Sarun, 49, Soriya’s mother, is very happy with her daughter’s efforts. She said that Soriya was able to pass the UC scholarship exams because of her hard work.

“I am very proud as I have a good daughter and I wish her all success in future. I think that her scholarship will encourage her to study harder and to reach her goals,” she told The Cambodia Weekly on February 26.

Sarun said that when her daughter was at primary and high school in Phnom Penh, she studied very hard every day and as a result, brought home glowing reports from her instructors on a monthly basis.

“I am honored as my daughter’s work ethic makes it likely she will become an outstanding student and I also hope that she will realize her dreams and became a future leader in Cambodia,” she said. (CW)

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