Official Statement Regarding the University's Seal

In response to a recent post on the CamNews Facebook page (see link below) regarding the official seal of the University of Cambodia, the University is issuing an official statement regarding the meaning of our seal.

The University of Cambodia used its official logo (pictured below) until mid 2012, when the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, in association with the Ministry of the Interior, issued a declaration regarding the guidelines for official logos and seals. The declaration states that the creation of an official logo is completely up to the institution; however official seals must follow a specific set of guidelines. For universities, official seals must have the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport written across the top, and the name of the institution written across the bottom. The middle of the seal should be a symbol that represents the essence of the institution. Due to the fact that the University’s logo did not meet the requirements for official seals, they decided to revise the seal. The official seal of the University (pictured below) was approved on April 12th, 2012, and has been used ever since.

The University put a lot of thought into the creation of the new official seal, and decided on the simple design of a single star to represent the University’s dedication to academic excellence. The star symbolizes the University’s quest to be the best in the field, and to consistently improve as an academic institution.

The University would like to make it clear that no one country, institution or individual has a monopoly on the use of a star. In fact, the five pointed star is used on numerous flags throughout the world, and in the logos of countless businesses and institutions world-wide. In addition, the five pointed star is an important symbol in numerous religions and cultures, as well as a reference to famous individuals, particularly in the performing arts (movie star, pop star, etc).

The University is saddened by the racist terminology used in this post, and does not condone this kind of derogatory thinking. Academic freedom and freedom of speech are, of course, very important aspects of a free thinking society. However this kind of discriminatory language is not an aspect of intellectual freedom; instead it seeks to separate us, rather than unite us. We hope that anyone offended by this post understands that the views represented there are not those of the University of Cambodia.  

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