Shoreline Community College delegates visit UC

On December 16th at 9:30am, members of the UC management team met with a delegation from Shoreline Community College from Seattle, USA. Ms. Samantha Smith, Director for the Office of the President, Mr. Pay Chheng How, Associate Dean for the College of Arts and Humanities, Ms. Gina Lopez, Associate Dean for the College of Management, and Mr. Travis Mitchell, Research Fellow for the Institute of Research and Advanced Studies, greeted Dr. Cheryl Roberts, President, Mrs. Dianna Sampson, Executive Director for International Education, and Mr. Bo Fu, Associate Director for International Education Outreach, in the UC meeting room.

After brief introductions, Mrs. Sampson presented a short overview of the college and explained about the very active international education program available. Currently about 10% of Shoreline’s students are international students, and the college employs six full time advisors for international students. The college currently offers merit based scholarships to current students, and is working to expand scholarship opportunities for students. In addition to hosting international students at Shoreline, the college offers an international summer institute program that allows students and faculty to travel internationally and obtain cultural experiences abroad.

Ms. Smith inquired about the possibilities of collaboration between Shoreline and UC, and the meeting found numerous ways in which a relationship could be beneficial for both parties; including short term student exchanges, exchanges for full associate degrees, faculty exchange, and research collaboration. Mrs. Sampson will be returning to Asia in February and will meet with Ms. Smith again to discuss details of a possible MOU. UC very much looks forward to future conversations regarding student and faculty exchanges, as well as possible research collaboration with Shoreline Community College.

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