Student Bestowed Scholarships

“100 Top Students bestowed with

Samdech Techo Hun Sen’s Vision-100 Scholarships,”

by Chantha, Koh Santepheap Daily Newspaper



21 November 2008 (Phnom Penh) - Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, has presided over, in the morning of 20 November 2008, an official ceremony for bestowing the Vision-100 Scholarships to 100 high school students who had passed their high school diplomas with A, B, C mentions, and who had been finally passed The University of Cambodia’s scholarship examination. This scholarship awarding ceremony was conducted officially at the National Institute of Education.
Among these 100 students who had received Samdech Techo Hun Sen’s Vision 100 Scholarships, there were 74 male students and 26 female students. They were the best students who will study at The University of Cambodia for their four-year degree programs. The scholarships were generously funded by Dr. Rikhi Thakral, Executive Director of the Thakral Group of Companies in Singapore, his family members as well as his colleagues.
In his “Welcoming Remarks,” Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, President of The University of Cambodia, revealed that this was the first time in the Kingdom of Cambodia that Dr. Rikhi Thakral and his family as well as his colleagues have funded the Samdech Techo Hun Sen’s Vision-100 Scholarships. The President of The University of Cambodia stressed that in the future these 100 top scholarship students would be, through their skillfulness and UC’s qualified study programs, the new intellectuals and young competent leaders for tomorrow will increase their capacity of understanding, knowledge and professional consciousness.
Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, President of The University of Cambodia, went on to say that at least 20% of these scholarship students would become  heads of institutions, offices, information and technology firms, educational centers, and public or private institutions. And 30% others would be job producers for the communities. And other 50% of them will become the strong skilled labor forces for our nation and society.
With his thoughtful advice, Samdech Prime Minister reiterated that receiving the scholarship awards was not the end of the process on that day. It is only just the beginning of their studies. It does not mean a graduation. So, it would be wrong if the scholarship students considered that they were graduating already, without studying hard.
Samdech Techo stressed that the students should be audacious in their studies in order for them to gain their bachelor degrees during the period of four years. At the same time, obtaining their bachelor degrees does not mean the end of their studies. They should continue their studies as long as they live, because human lives have no end to their studies. Practically, Samdech Techo emphasized that even the supreme leaders, or leaders of all levels, for instance, the prime minister, deputy prime ministers, senior ministers, ministers, secretaries of state, undersecretaries of state, so on and so forth, have to continue their studies; otherwise, they could not work or perform well.
In 1993, during the time of the Coalition Government, Samdech Prime Minister told the students, there were a handful of leaders who did not get their experiences at the grassroots levels and they became leaders. When they became leaders they forgot to study, or because they were shameful of studying with their subordinates, or they pretended to know everything, or they ignored their studies or lack of studies. Eventually until now, they have had nothing; they have to go to their previous places. Therefore, please don’t look down on studying. We can study not just only at the university or at school; we can study wherever we go; and everybody could be our teacher. By saying this, Samdech Prime Minister remembered when he was a pagoda child. Samdech PM began his study by being a pupil of the monk. He attempted to study very hard. That was why he could gain his knowledge until now. Every person could be our teacher, even a simple folk, a farmer or a crippled person, because those people know what we do not know; they could add new knowledge to us. At last, we could conclude that everyone could teach us something new, but Samdech Prime Minister still reminded us not to take the terrorists or thieves as our teachers.
As for police officer or military police officers, they in fact have also to study from the thieves, because the thieves always walk before police officers, and police officers always follow the thieves. If we wanted to seek and capture the thieves, we have to study from the thieves as much as possible. Samdech Techo emphasized that even in politics, the opposition party can be our teacher as well (a political partner of ours) because the opposition party has done anything possible that we could study both from their strengths and weaknesses.
Therefore, Samdech Prime Minister counseled the scholarship students to attempt to study hard, and to respect and accept their instructors’ advices. “Studying by yourself or with your instructors is hard to be forgotten, but cheating from others is easily forgotten. Awarding the scholarships today is the success for your family and for the nation,” Samdech Prime Minister said.

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