Mock ASEAN-China Summit: a Huge Success


Mock ASEAN-China Summit: a Huge Success

250 students from the University of Cambodia and 35 students from other universities in Phnom Penh came together on Saturday, August 9th, for the mock ASEAN-China Summit. The summit was entitled, “South China Sea: dispute and resolution”.

Participating students gained experience in planning and organizing events and ASEAN meeting protocol. In addition, students gained important insight into the complexities of regional conflict and the importance of international collaboration.

The opening ceremony included a performance of the ASEAN anthem, a speech from the student representative acting as the Prime Minister of Cambodia, and a photo session. The traditional opening ceremony was followed by a short ASEAN art show, which showcased beautiful pieces of art, representative of each ASEAN nation.

After a short refreshment break, the heads of state gave brief 5 minute speeches that summarized their research and their respective nation’s stance on the conflict in the South China Sea, and proposed solutions. As expected, the delegates from Vietnam and the Philippines both expressed deep concern and requested that China work collaboratively with ASEAN to resolve the conflict peacefully. However, China resisted these pleas and insisted that the matter should be discussed and resolved bi-laterally.

After the speeches and discussions, there was a signing ceremony in which all participating nations signed an agreement of mutual understanding to abide by the Document of Conduct (DOC) and the Code of Conduct (COC).

When the signing ceremony was completed, the heads of state offered a short press conference. Students who were assigned to the roles of reporter or journalist had a chance to conduct short interviews and pose questions for the heads of state.

After the brief press conference, the University of Cambodia Student Senate project holder, Keo Rottanakvisal, and instructor advisor, In Sophal, gave the closing remarks, in which they thanked all those who participated and congratulated them on their success.


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