Kansai University Researchers to Deliver Lecture at UC

18 August 2011 (Phnom Penh) – The University of Cambodia (UC) will host Dr. Amlan Majumder and Dr. Takayoshi Kusago of Kansai University. They will visit the UC campus September 5, 2011. The purpose of their visit is to present a lecture to the UC community on, "Capability and Women’s Well-being in India and Japan." The event will take place at the UC Conference Room, from 3-5pm.

The objective of this presentation is to focus on achievement of Indian and Japanese women within the sphere of reproductive life recognizing freedom of choice in matters of reproduction and its possible interaction with individual and household characteristics, as well as economic, social, and environmental factors. The study applies the tools of matrix algebra, fuzzy sets theory, and binary-multivariate logit regression analysis to fulfill its objectives. It utilizes data from Indian National Family Health Survey 2006 and Japanese General Social Survey 2008.

Dr. Amlan Majumder is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Dinhata College (under the University of North Bengal), India. He obtained BA, MA and Ph. D. in Economics from the University of North Bengal, Darjeeling and an MPS in Population Studies from the International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai. He worked as Research Scholar at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. He has been a Visiting Scholar at the University of Pavia, Italy and CHEDS, Peking University, China. Presently he is based at Kansai University, Osaka, Japan with a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

Dr. Takayoshi Kusago is a Professor in Social System Design at Kansai University, Japan. He obtained a BA in Economics from the University of Tokyo, an MA in Development Economics from Stanford University and later a Ph.D. in Development Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He held positions with the World Bank as a labor economist and UNDP as a senior policy advisor on poverty reduction, HDI and MDGs.

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