Workshop on Financial Management

Mrs. Chan Sreyroth, Deputy Director for the Office of Accounting and Finance, and Mr. Sam Sophorn, Assistant Vice-President for Academic Affairs, are going to attend workshop entitled, “Financial Management”. The workshop is apart of the HEQCIP Project and will be held in Kampot province from September 2nd  to the 5th, 2014.

The development objective of the HEQCIP project is to improve: a) the quality of teaching, management, and research in project-supported entities and b) pilot the targeting of disadvantaged students for enhanced access and retention.

The project is comprised of four components: 1) Strengthening the Governance and Capacity of the Higher Education System; 2) Provision of Competitive Development and Innovation Grants; 3) Provision of Scholarships to Disadvantaged Students; 4) Project Management and Monitoring and Evaluation. DHE plans to hold workshops and seminars to build the aforementioned programs.

Over the next five years the University of Cambodia will continue to take part in seminars, conferences and projects seeking to improve and standardize the four components of the HEQCIP project mentioned above. UC looks forward to improving its own standards, and to work alongside other HEIs in Cambodia to improve the sector as a whole.