A CES Success Story

By Soun Khanra

My name is Soun Khanra (Honorary Student Speaker at the 2014 CES Graduation Ceremony and Member of UCSS). I am from Takeo province. I am an International Relations student in the college
of Social Sciences at the University of Cambodia. I graduated from the Center for English Studies in August of 2013.

I am very grateful of my experience studying at CES. My CES courses provided me with both knowledge and practical skills. I learned interpersonal skills as well as academic skills and how to apply
those to my studies. We studied reading, listening, writing and speaking at the same time. Studying everyday made me become more confident using my English skills. Moreover, my lecturers always
assigned different assignments each term where students must work together in small groups. These assignments taught me how do research and write papers. Furthermore these assignments helped me
feel confident speaking English in public and doing presentations. By the end of the term I was asked to be a speaker at a workshop entitled “An Exchange for a Better English Study.”

I learned a lot in my year of studying at CES and those experiences changed my life in many ways. I learned how to live in a large society, how to communicate with other students and faculty members
and most importantly, how to solve complex problems.

I would like to take this special opportunity to give many thanks to my wonderful lecturer Chheng Sovannka who taught me problem solving skills and how to apply those skills in real life scenarios. She
worked very hard to encourage all the students to study very hard. I would also like to say a very special thanks to Mr. Pay Chhenghow, director of CES, who works very hard every day to improve CES and get more support for students.

Last but not least, I would like to say that studying at CES will give you the best basis for English study for all students. They can use this special knowledge and experience to aid them in university life and
ultimately in a career.

I would like to end by giving a small message to every student: keep working hard at your studies even though it can be really difficult. It is possible to find solutions to any problems that you encounter. Never
give up in your life if you want to accomplish your goals.