1. What did you like about UC program? A credit system program facilitates student to finish their course faster the normal program of the government university and professors are from different institutions in Cambodia as well as abroad.

2. What did you think of your program’s facilities such as available technology, resources, and the classrooms?

It was acceptable as UC had the rule for all teachers who need LCD or classrooms for makeup class shall propose to UC contact person in advance. But I observed that some course had a crowded student
which led difficulty to student in learning in spite of big room.

3. What accomplishments did you achieve during your university experience?

Besides having bachelor degree at law, I gained more knowledge and experiences from lecturers as well as my classmates.

4. Was there a professor, staff, fellow student who made a lasting impression on you or helped you when you were here at UC? How? Why? Professors were almost supported me in case of
need, particularly in the assignments. They gave clear instruction and did more explanation whenever I need their support. Staff at Registrar office was open for help when I asked for GPA. In general, they
(professor, staff, and fellow students) were open for discussion and finding solutions to overcome problem met.

5. What was your most memorable moment as a student of the University of Cambodia?

My most memorable was group assignment with different group members as UC implementing a credit system.

6. What do you like to tell prospective students about the University or the program?

Accreditable University.

7. What advice can you offer to incoming or current students?

Getting old is not the barrier for learning, as I am now still proceed for master degree at law despite being old woman.

8. What is your current job? Is your current job related to your study program from the University of Cambodia?

My current job is designing and managing a program for protecting children from all forms of violence at all setting. My study program on law is helping me to do reflection how the existing laws of Cambodia protect children.

9. How has UC program encouraged you to pursue your career?

My future career is to be a freelance consultant and I can work with legal agencies or civil society organizations that need to work for child protection program.

10. What are your career achievements you would like to share with students?

Working smart and keeping learning for self-improvement is the key points for career achievement.

11. What career advice would you like to give to students to better prepare them for the real world?

If possible, applying to be internship or volunteer in particular agency related to the student program study will help them in preparation for the real work after they graduated from the university.

12. Describe UC in 3 words?

Building new leaders Promoting Accountability Contributing to Cambodia development

13. What is your lasting impression of UC?

I do realize that UC now has a study program in Khmer; so how could UC program maintain their enrolment balance of student in studying in English and in studying in Khmer?