26 August 2011 Deadline for ASEAN Awareness Week Slogan Competition

UC students are invited to compete in the ASEAN Awareness Week Slogan Competition. Students must create an original slogan and submit it by 5 pm on Friday, August 26.

The criteria for the slogan are:

1.      Related to all ASEAN countries;

2.      Focused on unity; and

3.      Aimed to raise awareness of issues relevant to the ASEAN community (e.g., economy, peace, the environment, etc.).

To submit the slogan, students can do one of the following three things:

1.      Turn in the slogan to the reception box at UC;

2.      Send it via email to aseanslogan_uc@yahoo.com, and include your name and phone number; or

3.      Post the slogan on the Facebook group page ASEAN Slogan Competition.

For more information, please contact Associate Dean Lopez at cmanagement@uc.edu.kh.