16 September 2011 UC Speech and Debate Society Participates in Debate Competition at TVK

The UC Speech and Debate Society (UCSDS) is proud to announce that four of its members have been invited to participate in a debate competition on Friday, September 16, hosted by the Ministry of Environment at TVK. Students will debate on topics related to climate change and nuclear power during the full-day competition.

The debate team from UC is comprised of four new debaters, two males and two females: Lay Sophanith, No Sophearith, Ouch Leakhina, and Pech Sophealeak.

UC is very proud of its students and wishes the UCSDS members good luck in the debate competition.

For more information, please contact Ieng Chankreusna, UCSDS President, at 077 96 21 24. You may also contact Associate Dean Gina Lopez or Seng-Dao Keo