PHD Collaborates with UC to Host Five Health Training Workshops on HIV/AIDS

By Yon PHANITH (UC Student)

In cooperation with the University of Cambodia (UC), People Health Development (PHD) Association held a training and informational session on “HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), Sexual and Reproductive Health and Drugs.” The two-day training was conducted five times in June and July at UC.

Twenty students attended the training course each session. The course aimed to raise students’ awareness of HIV/AIDS, STDs, sexual and reproductive health and drugs. It also aimed to provide youth with access to accurate information about sexual and reproductive health care and voluntary blood testing services. Moreover, it aimed to strengthen relationships and youth rights by providing knowledge and promoting open discussions.

Students who participated in the training learned about abstinence and safe sex. They learned how to use condoms in a safe manner, why it was important to stay safe, and where to obtain appropriate health services. They were also provided information about trained professionals they can contact if they suspect they have contracted HIV.

“I am committed to saying ‘no’ to drugs.”Pich Kakada, UC Student

No Sophearith, one of the UC student trainers during the June 27-28 session, said that the students were great participants during the training. They were active in discussions and group work, and no one was absent during the training, according to Sophearith.

“I got a great deal of knowledge from this training,” said Pheng Puthy, a Term-V student majoring in Economics. He is now aware of how to protect himself from contracting STDs and how to take care of his reproductive health. In addition, he learned about the risks of drug use.

“If we don’t know how to take care of our reproductive health, we may face serious diseases like skin cancer,” said Puthy. Pich Kakada, who also took part in the training, said that the information provided in the training was new to him. He now knows more about practicing safe sex and the effects of drugs. “I am committed to saying ‘no’ to drugs,” said Kakada. PHD is a local non-governmental organization that teaches young people about health education and aims to improve quality
of life in Cambodia. It has hosted several workshops at UC to raise awareness of health-related issues and is one of the University’s partners.