29-31 July 2011 The 7th Asia Economic Forum, Hosted by ALC

The Asia Leadership Center (ALC) will host The 7th Asia Economic Forum on July 29-31, 2011. The theme for this year’s forum is, “The Asian Century in the Making: Achievements, Challenges, and Future Trends.”

The 7th AEF aims to:

1.      Examine how Asia is responding to the economic, political, social, and environmental challenges facing the region and the world;

2.      Analyze Asia’s achievements and challenges, particularly during the first decade of the \'Asian Century,\' and discuss implications for the future; 

3.      Determine how world events affect Asia’s development and its search for a synergistic leadership in regional and global affairs; and

4.      Identify ways to further develop Asia’s regional architecture by involving participants in dialogue regarding issues facing Asia in the 21st century.

To this end, the 7th AEF explores seven major areas in depth:

Plenary Session I: The Quest for Asia’s Regional Architecture

Plenary Session II: Regional Peace and Security

Plenary Session III: Food and Energy Security

Plenary Session IV: Next Generation Views of the Future of Asia

Plenary Session V: Sustaining Asia’s Economic Recovery

Plenary Session VI:  Education, Gender Equality and Economic Development

Plenary Session VII:  Environment and Climate Change

Plenary Session VIII: Asia\'s Search for Leadership Synergy

For more information, please contact Bandol Lim, Director of ALC, at bandollim@uc.edu.kh.