Best 2009-2010 Academic Year Students

By Dr. angus munro (Vice President for Academic Affairs)

Each Academic Year, we recognise the best of our undergraduate students, provided that they have already completed their Foundation Year and done at least 13 courses over the three terms: those who have scored an ‘A’ overall are nominated to the Chancellor’s List, whilst those who have scored a ‘B+’ overall are nominated to the President’s List.
A total of 58 students scored an overall ‘B+’ grade in Academic Year 2009-10; there were no students with straight ‘A’s. Five of the students were transfer students. The following table provides a breakdown by College, and the proportion of female students.


It is notable that, whilst all awardees satisfied the criterion of doing at least 13 courses over the academic year, 23 nominees (40%, of whom 74% were female) did one more course in another session during Term III.

The data relating to President’s List nominees show that:

1. The College of Management had the largest number of nominees (as well as the highest proportion of its enrollment: data not shown).
2. The Colleges of Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences ranked second and third, respectively, in number of nominees (with the reverse ranking in terms of the proportion of their enrollment on the list).
3. The College of Law had the lowest proportion of its enrollment nominated to the list for those Colleges where there were nominees.
4. Overall, female students did better than male students: they constitute almost two-thirds of those on the list, compared with less than half of the undergraduate population as a whole.
5. This was despite no representation from the Colleges of Law and Science & Technology.
The following are the undergraduate students who qualified for the President’s List, based on their consistent overall performance throughout Academic Year 2009-2010. This will be recorded in their academic transcripts.


The students are to be congratulated on their hard work; it is hoped that this will encourage them to continue to do so, and other students to try harder in order to also earn this distinction in later terms.