Donated Books Expand Toshu Fukami Library

The Toshu Fukami Library received another round of generous donations from existing and new supporters. We received the generous support of 617 books and 215 magazines. For this quarter, that brings us to a total of 832 books and magazines that were donated to the library.

The Toshu Fukami Library would like to thank our supporters for their kind donations. The library would not be at its current state without their generosity.
Supporters for the quarter include World Mate (95 magazines), the Ministry of Information (8 magazines), the US Embassy (23 magazines), Indian Embassy (37 magazines), the British Embassy (59 books and 18 magazines), among many other wonderful donors.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) also made a generous donation of 427 total copies of four different publications to the library.
In addition, we would like to extend a warm “thank you” to all of our private donors, including H.E. Ing Bunhoaw who provided 30 textbooks on Public International Law.

The University of Cambodia invites all members of the UC community to explore the wonders of our library. It is open seven days a week, except holidays. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 9 pm, and Saturday to Sunday, from 7:30 am to 6 pm.