2010-2011 Entrance Exams for Foundation Year Courses

On October 15, 2010, officials of the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) participated in proctoring entrance examinations for foundation year courses. This was for Batch 9, Term 1, in academic year 2010 to 2011. The examination took place at the University of Cambodia (UC). Committee members from both MoEYS and UC are, as follows:

Committee members from MoEYS:
1. Mr. Kong Dina, Deputy director, HE
Department (Chief of Controller)
2. Mr. Sem Sophy, Director, Office of
HE (Deputy Chief of Controller)
3. Mr. Khiev Da, Higher Education
Official (Invigilator)
4. Mr. Penh Sokha, Higher Education
Official (Invigilator)
5. Mr. Somkhan Los, Higher Education
Official (Invigilator)
6. Mr. Kao Sovannsophal, Higher
Education Official (Invigilator)
7. Mrs. Bo Sopheary, Higher Education
Official (Invigilator)

Key members from the University of Cambodia:
1. Dr. Angus Munro, Vice President for
2. Dr.Y Ratana, Dean of Undergraduate
3. Mr. Song Sophoat, Deputy Director,
Foundation Year Department

4. Miss Kong Borey, Staff member
5. Mr. Boy Vibol, Staff member
6. Mr. Hong Sophorn, Staff member

There were 179 candidates, with 70 female students who sat for the exam; four male students were absent. The exam subjects included English General Knowledge; Khmer Moral/Civics; and History Moral/Civics. Students had applied for 16 different majors.

Intended Major # of Students
English 42
Education 15
Law 18
Hospitality & Tourism Management 3
International Relations 32
Development Studies 1
Business Management 11
Accounting 6
Economics 7
International Business 5
Finance and Banking 17
Human Resource Management 1
Marketing 1
Computer Science 1
Information Technology 18
Public Administration 1

Before the exam, proctors discussed announcements, the rules and regulations and processes related to the examination, programs, and the list of students with the Office of Student Academic Affairs. The latter list was also made available in each exam room. The committee and UC staff then divided up into groups to perform their tasks in each building and room.
Students arrived on time, and they were dressed appropriately. All committee members implemented their tasks responsibly. Invigilators also checked and opened the exam-paper packages in front of committee members and the students to demonstrate transparency and accountability.
Committee members and students implemented their tasks responsibly and effectively, and in accordance with standards established by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Thereafter, there was a period of up to 25 days for marking test papers and preparing a report on the exam results for submission to the Higher Education Department of the Ministry, a deadline which the University comfortably met.