Ohio University and UC Move Forward in Deepening Cooperation

Ohio University and the University of Cambodia (UC) moved a step forward in strengthening their bilateral cooperation to enhance the activities for both universities after Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, President of UC, met with Dr. Greg Emery, Director for the Global Leadership Center of Ohio University.

“We plan to have an exchange program for students and professors from UC and Ohio University to provide mutual benefits, such as sharing experience and knowledge on how to build student capacity,” Dr. Kao told reporters. He also hopes that outstanding UC students can study for three years at UC and one final year at Ohio University, and then graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree from Ohio University.

“Such opportunities would encourage UC students to study harder, and would help develop the next generation of leaders to contribute to the development of our country,” Dr. Kao said.

In addition, the two university leaders discussed how to continue collaborations aimed at expanding and improving UC’s undergraduate and graduate programs. Dr. Kao stressed how increased cooperation will be of great benefit to UC students and the opening of a College of Media and Communication
at UC because Ohio University has a successful School of Journalism.

The University of Cambodia and Ohio University signed an agreement in 2006 to develop collaborative programs that advance higher education and promote international understanding. Since then, this collaboration has resulted in several academic scholars and students from Ohio University making significant
contributions to our institution during their visits to UC, including the development of UC’s Asia Leadership Center. Next steps include further discussion to identify and implement cooperative programs for the future.

Dr. Emery affirmed that it would be mutually beneficial to expand cooperation so that students from both universities can increase their personal capacities and potential for future success. The two universities will also need to meet more often to discuss the details for the cooperation and strengthen their relationship. He noted that the relationship is facilitated by the fact that Dr. Kao has an intimate knowledge of Ohio University, since Dr. Kao earned two Master’s
degrees there and also recently received an honorary doctorate.