Memo oreintation 20 2010-MAD



Date:                February 2, 2010

To:                   All New Enrolled Students

From:               Dr. Y Ratana, Dean of Undergraduate Studies Division and Director of Academic Foundation Department (AFD)

Subject:            Students’ Foundation Year Program Orientation, February 20, 2010,  Conference Center

Cc:                   UC President and Vice President, Dean and All Associate Deans, Office of Administration, Office of Admissions and Registration, Office of Student Academic Affairs and others




Be informed that all Newly-Enrolled Students in the Foundation Year Program of The University of Cambodia (UC) are required to attend the Students’ Foundation Year Program Orientation on February 20, 2009, at 8:30 a.m., at Conference Center, UC. The agenda of the meeting is as follows:


Orientation Agenda


·        Foundation Year Program

·        Curriculum and Grading Policy

·        Honor Code and Code of Conduct

·        Entrance Exam

·        Other issues



Your participation at this meeting is compulsory, as a part of requirements of the Foundation Year Program implemented at UC.



Please accept my warmest regard and affection.





Y Ratana, Ph.D.


For the President and Vice President, University of Cambodia


Dean, Undergraduate Studies Division (UG)

Director, Academic Foundation Department (AFD)