20-21 Jan. 2010: 6th Asia Economic Forum (AEF)


6th Asia Economic Forum

 Maximizing Asia’s Strategic Roles in the World:

Opportunities, Challenges, and Future Prospects


20-21 January 2010

Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Raffles Hotel Le Royal



TUESDAY: January 19, 2010


                        All day Arrival of participants


WEDNESDAY: January 20, 2010


7:30-8:30am Registration
9:00-10:00am Opening Session

Plenary Session I: Asia’s State of Play


This session looks at Asia’s year in review - the impact of the global crisis on Asia’s economy, politics, and other social and environmental issues in 2009.  What roles have Asia played at a global level? What occurred in 2009 that drastically impact on Asia?  What are the issues, challenges, and opportunities for Asia’s development and democracy progress?

12:00-1:30pm Lunch
1:30-3:15pm  Plenary Session II: Securing Asia’s Strategic Role in the World
  This session looks at economical and political developments which pose threats to Asia’s peace and security. What programs has Asia adopted in response to growing concerns over rising food and energy securities? What regional bodies are capable of ensuring peace and security in Asia? What achievements have been made and challenges still need to be overcome to ensure a peaceful and prosperous region?

Coffee break

3:30-5:00pm Plenary Session III: Sustaining Asia’s Economic Recovery: Challenges and Opportunities
  This session explores Asia’s economic competitiveness and growth needs. What mechanisms have been put in place to secure Asia’s economic recovery? What are the economic signs indicating regional recovery? Has there been a regional collaborative effort?  What are the challenges and opportunities for Asia?

THURSDAY: January 21, 2010

8:30-10:00am Plenary Session IV: Asia’s Response to the Threat of Climate Change after Copenhengan

This session examines program implications to reduce global warming after Copenhagen. How is Asia responding to the challenges of climate and environmental degradation? What programs do Asia need to adopt in response to the rising concerns over climate change and the need for new clean-energy to improve the environment?


Coffee break


Plenary Session V: Asia’s Growing Demand for Human Resources - Challenges and Priorities


This session examines Asia’s human resources development challenges, shortcomings, and achievements. What are the needs and where are the priorities with regards to human resources development?  What challenges face Asia’s human resources development?  How can Asia mobilize its human resources to work toward development of a greater Asian community?




Plenary Session VI: Poverty, Development Gap, and the MDGs – Where do we go from here?  

  This session looks at the effectiveness of the mechanisms in place to reach the MDGs, narrow development gaps and alleviate poverty.  Is continued economic growth good for everyone and sustainable? Why have years of growth failed to reduce inequality?  Do the mechanisms in place to reach the MDGs, reduce poverty, and narrow development gaps need to be reevaluated?

Coffee Break

3:15-5:00pm Plenary Session VII: Asia’s Prospects – Maximizing Potentials and Opportunities in the World
  This session looks regional and global economic, political, social, and environmental developments that could have a significant impact on Asia’s advancement. What is expected and how should Asia deal with the changing domestic, regional, and international situations?

Closing Session


FRIDAY: January 22, 2010


Departure of international participants