The Impact and Implications of Climate Changes: Strategies and Security for ASEAN Member States

On July 2-3, 2015, Mr. Ban Bunheng, Deputy Director of the ASEAN Study Center, attended the Regional Conference on, “The Impacts and Implications of Climate Change: Strategies and Security for ASEAN Member States,” which was held at Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel, and was funded by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.The objectives of this conference were:

  • To examine current strategies and security implications in the ASEAN region as they relate to and are affected by the coming insecurities of climate change.
  • To take both a traditional and non-traditional approach to security and address the roles and responsibilities of conventional military security, as well as the more pervasive threats that affect human security at the societal level.
  • To bring together leading researchers, environmental experts, civil society and policy makers from ASEAN member states, and other international organizations to discuss proposed and implemented climate change strategies at country and regional levels in ways that bring thoughtful and critical assess-ments of their security implications.

H.E. Say Samal, Minister of Environment in the Royal Government of Cambodia delivered his keynote address, and announced the opening of the conference. The distinguished speakers from different countries in ASEAN discussed the causes of climate change such as energy use, industrial processes, agriculture, and waste, among others that produce carbon into the atmosphere, which in turn worsens climate change. The speakers also made some suggestions for policies as follows:

  • National Information Center (one window office);
  • Resource Mapping;
  • Smart Grid Technology; and
  • Package Policy (Promoting Renewable Energy and Technology).

Last but not least, the speakers also suggested that stakeholders get involved with climate change reduction, and the government should strengthen and encourage stakeholders with this matter.


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