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In order to be considered for an Associate degree program in the E-track (see section IX.1), an applicant must:

In order to be considered for a Bachelorís degree program in the E-track (see section IX.1), an applicant must:

ACC regulations require that undergraduate students who are starting at a University for the first time must do so in either term I or II; that they cannot take courses in term III; and that they must do the required ten Foundation Year courses (see section VIII.1) in their first two terms of study.

Note that students who have earned an Associate degree from another university must also take the University of Cambodia entrance examination before they can be admitted into the Bachelorís program. Please refer to Section VI.10 for details about credit transfer procedures.


Application forms may be obtained online at or from the University of Cambodia Office of Admissions at 145 Preah Norodom Boulevard, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia. Please submit the completed application form to the University of Cambodia Office of Admissions and Records.

The University of Cambodia charges no application fee, but students are charged 2,000 riels for the application form.

Importance of Filing Complete, Accurate, and Authentic Application Documents By University policy, all applicants for admission are required to list all current and previous enrollments in any postsecondary institution on the application form. Applicants for admission who fail to inform the University of Cambodia of such enrollment at the time of application or who submit, or have submitted on their behalf, any required information or document that is inaccurate, incorrect, or fraudulent, or that has been altered without proper authorization, may be denied admission to the university. If the omissions and/or alterations are discovered after the student is enrolled, the studentís admission may be rescinded and enrollment canceled. Credits earned at any unreported school or college are not accepted in transfer. The student or prospective student may also be referred to the University of Cambodia Disciplinary Committee for possible further action.


The University of Cambodia requires all prospective undergraduate students to take a Placement Exam to determine their level of proficiency in English so that, if necessary, they can initially be directed to do some preliminary non-degree courses at our Centre for English Studies, to better prepare them for their chosen degree program (please contact for further information about the available range of courses).

The Placement Exam must be passed, along with the University of Cambodia Entrance Exam, before students can register for classes.


Registration is open to students officially admitted to the University of Cambodia by the Office of Admissions and Records and to students in good academic standing who are continuing in an approved program of study. New, transfer, and continuing registered students who are admitted to the University of Cambodia are required to pay a nonrefundable, nontransferable advance tuition deposit to confirm registration. Admitted students may be excluded from registration until they have complied with all University requirements, including all academic or financial obligations.

Information on registration procedures, which includes registration dates, registration instructions, and class schedule, can be obtained from the Office of Admissions and Records. The Schedule of Classes is distributed by the Office of Admissions and Records and is available shortly before registration begins each term.

The University of Cambodia expects students to register on time, during a predetermined period prior to the start of each term. This helps both the University and our students to plan ahead, avoids a last-minute rush, and ensures smooth and efficient processing. Prior to the slotted registration period, students should consider their options and consult with their academic advisers, College Coordinators, or staff of the Office of Student Academic Affairs.

Registration is not complete unless all tuition and fees have been fully paid by the specified deadlines. Students are encouraged to pay their tuition and fees in advance. Registration at the allocated time helps to ensure that the classes which students want to take will be opened. Students who register late cannot be guaranteed that they will get the classes that they want, as some of the classes may be full, or cancelled due to inadequate enrolment.

Undergraduate students can register for a maximum of five classes in any one session in the each of the first two terms of an academic year, and for up to three classes in one session in the third term. Students who want to attend more classes can enrol for up to a maximum of six courses (18 credits) each term, spread over two different sessions; however, they can do so only if they have an adequate GPA, and also have the prior agreement of either their College Coordinator or the Director of the Office of Student Academic Affairs.

i. Application for Graduation

It is the student's responsibility to initiate the processes leading up to their graduation from the University of Cambodia. In addition to the normal registration procedures outlined above, all undergraduate students who have only one more term to complete must also:

  1. Apply for graduation by completing the Graduation Application Form and the Student Clearance Form, available from the Office of Administration (to whom they should be submitted as early as possible).
  2. Check their academic records with the Registrarís Office to ensure that they have satisfied all academic requirements, including having Ė

Ł      an adequate Grade Point Average (GPA);

Ł      the required number of credits for the degree; and

Ł      no incomplete grades (all incomplete grades must have been converted into the normal grades before the graduation).

  1. Clear any outstanding financial obligations that you may have with the University.
  2. In addition, all Associate and Bachelor's must take the Exit Exam, as required by the University of Cambodia and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. This is normally taken in the last term of a student's course of study: If you are not currently enrolled, you must register for one course (3 credits) so that you can sit for the Exit Exam.

ii.  Late Registration

Students who fail to register during the slotted registration period may still register for credit during the first seven days after the start of instruction. However, they must pay a late-registration fee of US$20 (even if they have already paid their course fees in advance). Students who fail to register in the allotted registration period and who do not pay a late-registration fee will not be able to enrol for the term.

iii. Late Payment Penalty

Students who register but fail to pay their fees on time will be fined according to a sliding scale at the rate of 5% per week of the normal (i.e. non-discounted) course fees. Continued failure to pay will result in the student being barred from attending classes for that term.

iv. Changes in Registration

For the students' own benefit, there are restrictions on changing courses during the term.

         Courses may be added during the first seven days of instruction.

         A course may be dropped during the first seven days of instruction without notation on the studentís record.

o        No course withdrawals are allowed after the first complete week of instruction, except under unusual or extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student. These course withdrawals require the consent of the studentís College Coordinator, in consultation with the instructor; and a grade of WD will be recorded.

o        If a student does not officially complete the course withdrawal procedure, an F (Fail) or NC (no credit), as appropriate, may be given by the instructor in place of a passing grade.

o        All deadlines for adding courses, partial withdrawal, or complete withdrawal are subject to change. For further information, please contact the Office of Student Academic Affairs.


The Orientation for New Students programs (ONS) assist first-time freshmen and new transfer students in their transition to the University of Cambodia, expose new students to the broad-based educational opportunities at the University, and introduce them to college life. In addition, ONS offers special sessions for parents, families and friends of incoming students where they learn more about what the University of Cambodia has to offer. Following the orientation programs at the beginning of each of Terms I and II, ONSí Welcome Week Program provides a variety of campus events that showcase on-campus curricular opportunities and resources. ONS aims to:

ONS is staffed by professional academic advisers and peer mentors who are familiar with the University of Cambodiaís resources available to support new students. For further information on ONSí activities, contact the Office of Student Academic Affairs.


For academic purposes, University of Cambodia undergraduate (Associate and Bachelorís degree) candidates may be classified as either part-time or full-time students. A full-time undergraduate carries a minimum of 12 credit hours or the equivalent of 4 courses in terms I and II; and 9 credits (3 courses) in term III. Undergraduate students carrying fewer than 12 credits hours or less than the equivalent of 4 courses are classified as part-time: they must do a minimum to 6 credit hours (2 courses) each term. Audited courses are not counted in determining the enrollment status of a student.

Student Status

No. of credits completed


< 30






> 91



Course auditors are students who enroll for informational instruction only and attend classes with the approval of the University and the instructor. Auditors receive no credit, and they do not take course examinations.

Audited courses are entered on student transcripts with a grade of AUD, and are subject to regular tuition and fee charges, but they are not counted in determining a studentís enrollment status.


The Honors Program at the University of Cambodia is a special curriculum designed for students who have shown proof of outstanding academic performance in high school and/or other university-level work. Students who apply for the Honors Program must have graduated from high school in the top tenth percentile of their class (category A and B) or receive a Grade Point Average (GPA; see Section VI.3) of at least 4.0 in university-level work.

Honors Students will follow a more challenging course of study in their chosen field. At the end of their Honors Program:

       students who have earned an overall 4.0 GPA will be granted an Honors degree upon graduation;

       students who have completed 30 or more credit hours of work (excluding CR/NC) at the University of Cambodia with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 are eligible for graduation ďwith distinctionĒ.


Registered (full-time or part-time) undergraduate students may apply for transfer from one College to another during the first or second term of the year for free; thereafter they will have to pay a fee of $50. Application forms can be obtained from the Office of Student Academic Affairs of the University of Cambodia. Changes of College, curriculum, or major are not permitted during registration periods.

Auditors who wish to become degree candidates must complete the regular application process of the University of Cambodia.


A full-time or part-time undergraduate student who has completed at least one term at the University of Cambodia may choose to apply for a Leave of Absence for a specified period of one or two terms. To qualify, they must

       have just completed their prior term at the University of Cambodia;

       be in good academic standing (neither on probation nor subject to suspension or dismissal); and

       not be already enrolled for the next term.

Application forms for a Leave of Absence are available in the Office of Student Academic Affairs. The date of return from leave must be specified at the time of application.

Normally, students may not take more than two regular terms of leave before graduation; additional terms of Leave of Absence may be granted only under extenuating circumstances.

The granting of a Leave of Absence indicates a continuing relationship with the University of Cambodia and allows students to resume studies at a specific time without applying for re-admission. Students who take a Leave of Absence will continue to be subject to the graduation requirements in effect at the time their leave began.

Students who do not re-enroll at the University of Cambodia at the end of their Leave of Absence will be considered to have withdrawn without notice; they will be required to apply for re-admission to the University and will be subject to the graduation requirements in effect at the time of re-admission.

Students should be aware that taking a Leave of Absence may affect their eligibility for programs or scholarships.


Students withdrawing completely from the University of Cambodia during the first complete week of instruction will have this withdrawal action, but not their course registration, noted on their records. These students will not have a WD grade for each course noted on their records.

After the first week, complete withdrawals are not permitted except under unusual or extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student. These withdrawals require the approval of the studentís College Coordinator. Students who receive approval will have a WD grade for each course noted on their records.

Applications for complete withdrawal are available at the Office of Student Academic Affairs. Signatures as indicated on the form must be obtained, and the completed form must be returned to the Office of Student Academic Affairs. The official date of withdrawal is the date recorded by the Office of Student Academic Affairs.

There is no tuition refund for course withdrawals.


The University of Cambodia issues a student identification card to each of our students. This needs to be produced in order to use many facilities we have available for our students.


Students are responsible for keeping the Office of Admissions and Records informed of their correct, up-to-date mailing address.





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