UC Students Meet with HUE Students from Japan to Discuss Publication

UC Students Meet with HUE Students from Japan to Discuss Publication


Students from the University of Cambodia (UC) met for the third time with students from Hiroshima University of Economics (HUE) on September 14 to discuss the Japanese students’ publication, Creating Chances. The meeting was attended by seven UC students and five students from HUE to discuss how to distribute the textbook to young Cambodian students effectively and how to attract more students to read it. The Japanese students were led by Kawamura Kenichi, Professor of Risk Management at HUE.

During the meeting, Takashi Kono, a student from HUE, said that he wanted to see all students in Cambodia, especially the poor, have a chance to learn. He continued on to say that, because all of the team members were born in Hiroshima, they were really inspired to work on this book and help Cambodian students understand how Japan developed after World War II. The topics in the book include the lifestyles of Japanese citizens, economics, employment, and education in Japan after World War II.

After the meeting, all of the students were invited to meet with Peter Tan Keo, UC Vice President for Strategy, Development, and International Cooperation. He expressed his appreciation to the Japanese students for writing a book for Cambodian primary school students, and said that this will be a great contribution to young students because it promotes open dialogue, creativity, and

knowledge sharing.

Pisal Chanty, UC Student Senate (UCSS) President, participated in the meetings and said that he was fascinated to see Japanese university students’ interest in writing a book for Cambodian primary school students. This book is really advantageous because it helps students gain a better understanding of Japan and opens them to the outside world, he added.

Students at UC are proud to volunteer their time for this activity and are excited to continue this on-going partnership.

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