UC Student Forum with Associate Professor Katherine Marshall

UC Student Forum with Associate Professor Katherine Marshall:

 “How to Get the Most of University Education”


By Chhay Daroth (UC Student)

The University of Cambodia (UC) was honored to host a UC Student Forum with Associate Professor Katherine Marshall, Visiting Associate Professor, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service; Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Cambodia; and former Counselor, The World Bank. The forum, "How to Get the Most of University Education," was chaired by Dr. Angus Munro, Vice President for Academic Affairs. Over 200 UC students and faculty members participated in the forum held on August 2 in the UC Conference Center.

Associate Professor Katherine Marshall discussed characteristics of successful people and encouraged students to pursue these traits and develop these skills during their college experience:

1. Self-awareness

Successful people learn how to learn so they can be life-long learners, and they understand their own strengths and weaknesses. They also learn in a way that is productive and useful and understand that they learn differently from other individuals

2. Time management

Successful people evaluate how they spend their time and know their priorities. They devote time to completing not only what is urgent, but also what is important in their lives. 3. Networking with people Successful people see the good in  everyone they meet and actively seek  good role models and mentors. They  also surround themselves with good  people who are doing good work.

4. Be the solution, not the

complainer People who are successful in the long- term think positively and find solutions to problems. They also offer positive reinforcement to other individuals.

5. Learn and do new things

People who are successful have the courage to learn and try new things. Students should learn how to develop a sense of adventure so they can explore new activities and ideas.

6. Ability to communicate

People who succeed are able to communicate effectively. They speak, write, and present clearly. They seek and listen to feedback from other individuals so they can improve.

7. Learn from mistakes

Successful people are reflective and are willing to learn from their mistakes. They change their habits and are willing to make corrections so they do not continue to make the same mistakes.

8. Insatiable curiosity

Successful people understand they

can learn valuable lessons and ideas

from everybody, and they develop a

sense of curiosity at both home and

school. They also go beyond stereotypes

of people.

9. Integrity

Successful people develop habits of integrity. Having integrity is more than not cheating. It is about doing what is just and fair in society and about the way a person behaves and acts.

Dr. Munro opened up the floor to questions after Associate Professor Marshall delivered her keynote address. Several UC students asked questions regarding how they can improve their study skills, ranging from problem solving to overcoming procrastination to setting goals.

Lay Sophanith, a student who attended the forum and also the 2nd Vice President of the UC Student Senate (USCC), said that he learned a lot of valuable lessons from Associate Professor Marshall and that she provided him with clear and practical points he can use to enhance his university experience.

"I’ll change my past habits to be better and more productive," he said. "I’ll start spending my time doing valuable things that can contribute to my future goals."

Associate Professor Katherine Marshall has participated in the UC Student Forum as a distinguished lecturer once every year for the past several years. The University is very much appreciative of her for doing so, and is committed to providing its students with opportunities to learn from distinguished university instructors from around the world.