Workshop on Southeast Asian Studies and Curricula Development for Universities

On December 17, 2010, the Center for Khmer Studies (CKS) hosted a workshop on “Southeast Asian Studies and Curricula Development for University Students.” UC

Deputy Director of AFD, Mr. Song Sophoat, attended the workshop.

In the workshop, Mr. Men Chhean Rithy of CKS presented information regarding the Junior Faculty Training Program. In this program, the focus was on strengthening and building the capacity of Cambodian junior faculty among partner universities in Cambodia. Issues discussed were the structure of the program, including the advisory council, program activities, and outcomes.

After the slide presentation, Dr. Kate Frieson presented information about Southeast Asian Studies and Curricula Development and asked one important question: why Southeast Asian Studies? She covered issues including strengthening regional identity and national identity, in addition to the facilitation of academic discourses across Cambodia and the region. The event relates to UC because this study and curriculum could enhance our teaching and instruction, specifically in the Social Sciences.

“For me, I think that this program is still not widespread throughout the universities in Cambodia, especially for university students,” said Mr. Song. “But the curriculum program of SEA studies is also important because this program can benefit students at the universities. Students can have knowledge about SEA history and they can debate the history of SEA studies with local students and international students among Asian countries.”