UC Library Committee to Build a 21st Century Library Research Center


TOP: The committee visited the National Library.
MIDDLE: Mr. He Hin from CDRI offered great insight to the UC Library Committee.
BOTTOM: (left to right) Miss Seng Kannha (library staff), Mrs. Por Malis (VP for Operations), and Ms. Gina Lopez (Associate Dean for College of Management) worked on the library layout at the new campus.


Started in November 2010, the University of Cambodia’s Toshu Fukami Library Committee was formed to expand the academic and information technology resources and services available at the UC library, as well as to enhance the research capabilities of students and faculty members at the university. By collaborating with other libraries and research institutes, the committee aims to create a leading research library center at UC, and one of the committee’s top priorities
include facilitating access to e-resources for the UC community and public. In particular, the committee is currently developing a UC library website that will allow everyone access to the library’s online catalogue. And for students and faculty members who conduct research, the website will provide access to digital journals and resources.

The committee consists of Mr. Krouch Chhoeurn (the librarian); Ms. Seng Kannha, Mr. Chan Ratha, Mr. Chea Chen, and Mr. Yoeng Samdy (library staff members); Ms. Gina Lopez (Associate Dean for the College of Management); Mr. Tep Reaksmey and Mr. Chhung Sopheap (IT Staff); Mrs. Por Malis (UC’s Vice President for Operations); and Mrs. Seng-Dao Keo (Director of the Office of the President and the UC Foundation).

On November 19, members of the UC Library Committee visited the new UC campus and viewed the facilities that will be the future site of the UC Toshu Fukami Library. The library will be located on the first floor in two spacious rooms, so UC students will have plenty of space to study in the new facilities. The committee also plans to create an e-library center where UC students and the public have access to computers and other technology workstations.

As a part of its learning tour, the UC Library Committee visited the Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI) Library and the National Library of Cambodia. CDRI is one of Cambodia’s leading independent development policy research institute, and UC library staff members receive annual training at CDRI’s library. The CDRI Library Manager, Mr. He Hin, and the Library Manager for the National Library shared valuable information on library systems, operations, layout, and databases with the UC Library Committee.

“We participate in library training workshops at CDRI once a year, and we have always found Mr. He and the staff at CDRI to be very helpful,” said Chan Ratha. “They have helped us learn new skills, which are very valuable to building a good university library.” Based on their visits and on-going collaboration with other libraries, the UC Library Committee will document best practices and incorporate these ideas into their project plans. The committee will also implement effective library practices and research strategies through targeted workshops for students and faculty members in the upcoming terms.