Orientation for New Students

On October 13, 2010, the Academic Foundation Department (AFD) of the University of Cambodia (UC) hosted an orientation for all new registered students to the Foundation Year Program. This orientation is conducted twice a year for new students. The Foundation Year Program, which is the first part of the undergraduate degree program, extends over the two main terms of the academic year: that starting in October and that commencing in February. All students, both Cambodians and foreign nationals, can apply to enter the Foundation Year Program in either of these terms.

The goals and objectives for this orientation were to provide all new students with relevant and important information about the University of Cambodia, in addition to the Foundation Year Program, registration procedures, entrance exams, university student regulations, student Code of Conduct, the curriculum, grading policy and recognition of academic excellence, requirements for completing the Foundation Year, and the Foundation Year strategic plan. Other goals included sharing information to help students to have a successful time at the University of Cambodia. The credit system and its implementation at the University of Cambodia were also explained.

One hundred and fifteen students attended the orientation. This was out of a possible 179 students (65% of participants) who had registered in the promotion 9, term I for Academic Year 2010-2011. Mr. Song Sophoat, Deputy Director of Academic Foundation Department,
gave a presentation to students. He was assisted by other AFD staff.

After the presentation, many students asked questions related to the entrance exam, grading requirements per course, the importance of foundation year program and its certificate, credit transfer, curriculum and other issues.