Vision & Mission


A vision of the University of Cambodia resulted from many discussions with various Cambodian intellectuals and scholars who wanted to give clarity and purpose to the University’s essential character and aspirations. This vision is dynamic, bold and strategic. It is forward-looking and committed to academic excellence.

The University of Cambodia strives to be the institution of choice for higher education in Cambodia and in the region because of its concern with the new social, economic, political and technological realities, as well as the current process of globalization. In an information age that demands originality, imagination and quality of education, the University of Cambodia will be the nation’s leading university and the center of excellence in teaching, training, research and scholarship.

The University of Cambodia will:

·        be a magnet for outstanding faculty who will devise innovative ways to approach problems, invent new ways to teach, and develop new knowledge and research for the benefit of Phnom Penh and the entire nation;

·        attract inventive, industrious students of all ages and produce citizens who are intellectually competent and technologically literate—people who will be the catalysts for innovative ideas;

·        transform into knowledge and wisdom the vast amounts of information now accessible through new technologies;

·        build strong networks and alliances that bring the know-how of businesses and the community into the university and take the knowledge of the University into the workplace and to the society at large;

·        link the University with other centers of excellence in Cambodia and other universities in the Asia-Pacific region, North America and Europe; and

·        remain innovative, resourceful, and responsive, while drawing on the intellectual capability and resources of the University.


The University of Cambodia strives to provide quality education for students to develop critical, analytical and creative thinking so they can make well-founded and ethical decisions and be part of an informed citizenry. The University promotes academic excellence at the national, regional and international levels and responds to the call for interdisciplinary research, teaching and training, by rethinking the structure and purpose of higher education in Cambodia.

The University prepares students to address the increasingly complex issues facing them in society and to discover meanings in their own lives. It encourages diversity in its student body and meets the needs of students by providing them with interdisciplinary and innovative undergraduate, graduate and professional courses. The University energetically and dynamically seeks ways to interact with and to serve the needs of the student body.

The University nurtures and supports a diverse faculty who engages in active research, brings excellence and innovation into the classroom, and responds to the needs of students and the community. The faculty embodies the university’s interactive approach to change Cambodia’s higher education.