The University of Cambodia Reaches Out to Guangxi University

February 12, 2014

In the effort to provide greater educational opportunities to faculty, staff, and students, the University of Cambodia reaches out to Guangxi University. Dr. Kao Kim Hourn met with Guangxi representative Mr. Wei Zhijiang (Secretary-General of College CCPC) and Dr. Meng Benman to discuss formulating a memorandum of understanding that will encourage academic cooperation between the two respected institutions.

The outlined MOU aims to advance learning through:

  • Helping each other to establish or augment, as appropriate, degree programs and non-degree programs in their respective languages;
  • Facilitating the admission of qualified students, from one university to the other, for the purpose of enrolling in degree and non-degree programs;
  • Encouraging visits by faculty, staff and students, from one university to the other, for the purpose of engaging in language training, research, or other educational activities;
  • Promoting international understanding of Cambodia and China;
  • Fostering exchange of academic publications and scholarly information; and
  • Promoting other activities to enhance the abovementioned goals.

Mr. Wei Zhijiang informed everyone at the meeting that Guangxi University for Nationalities intends to donate books worth over 500,000 yuan to only two institutions in Cambodia. One being the National Library of Cambodia and the University of Cambodia. In addition, Guangxi aims to develop an exchange program for faculty, staff, and students in order to help promote knowledge and cultural exchange between UC.

He highlighted the Chinese Government Scholarship 2014 initiatives aimed at providing educational opportunities for Cambodian students interested in pursuing a Master or a Doctorate degree in China. The Ministry of Education of China, as part of the Chinese Government Scholarship program, has approved for Guangxi University for Nationalities to recruit 45 international students for this program. Full and partial scholarships will be offered to those accepted into the program.

Those interested in pursuing a Masters or a Doctorate in China should take their own initiatives to explore this opportunity with the College of International Education, Guangxi University for Nationalities at: