UC Publications

Research is critical to The University of Cambodia and essential to help fulfill the University’s mission and vision. The University of Cambodia is committed to being a leader in research, development, and innovation, and thus has designed several outlets for research that are designed for students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, and partners of the university. The different publications are designed for a particular audience:

1.    The UC Bulletin
2.    The UC Working Paper Series (WPS)
3.    The UC Occasional Paper Series (OPS)
4.    The Cambodian Journal for International Studies (CJIS)
5.    The UC Monograph Series
The UC Bulletin - The UC Bulletin is a quarterly publication published by the Office of the President, the purpose of which being to update stakeholders on UC events and activities. The publication is also used to highlight the accomplishments of UC students, faculty and staff, in an effort to give them the recognition they deserve, and to openly document the University’s activities and achievements. Students are encouraged to submit their own writing and to share their experiences. Please click here to read past issues of the UC Bulletin.

The UC Working Paper Series is a biannual publication geared towards undergraduates in order to gain exposure to research. Students may submit exemplary research papers or their Bachelor’s theses or any other work they deem to be noteworthy. The University of Cambodia expects the articles submitted to be of quality comparable to that found in journals respected in fellow academic disciplines. All work submitted to The University of Cambodia will confidentially undergo a peer-review at least once from two scholars with expertise relevant to the WPS or the article’s content. Peer reviewers’ comments are provided to the author anonymously. The scholars’ comments also help to guide authors in their revisions and are used by the series editor in deciding whether or not the submission is worthy of publications. The work can be accepted, rejected or returned to the authors with recommendations. The University of Cambodia reserves the right to decide on publications of the revised document.
If you are interested in publishing your work in the WPS, please contact the Dean of the School of Undergraduate Studies at dean_ug@uc.edu.kh

The UC Occasional Paper Series is an interdisciplinary academic journal for graduate students at The University of Cambodia (UC), as well as for graduate students from other universities in Cambodia or overseas. The Occasional Paper Series is peer-reviewed and publishes papers twice a year, at six-month intervals (March and September). The Occasional Paper Series accepts manuscripts for publication in a form of (a) research papers, which report interesting and relevant research findings; or (b) non-research papers, which provide very well documented discussions that make an original contribution to the body of literature. Good quality book reviews may also be accepted for publication.

The Cambodian Journal for International Studies (CJIS) is a research publication that is produced twice a year, and is overseen by the Council for Research and Creativity. The CJIS is a neutral venue for various types of academic publications pertaining to the region and beyond, including studies on Cambodia which consider their findings in a broader context. With articles, interviews, and book reviews, the CJIS pulls from a range of authors, including various faculty members, full-time staff, and other interested individuals from academic institutions both in Cambodia and abroad.
If you have any questions concerning the CJIS or would like to contribute an article, please contact the Council for Research and Creativity at director_crc@uc.edu.kh

The UC Monograph Series is designed for in-depth analyses of particular issues, generally of a specialist nature. The authors should hold appropriate expertise in their respective fields, and papers should be longer than 15,000 words. For more information on the UC Monograph Series, please contact the Vice President for Research, Development, and Policies at vp-rdp@uc.edu.kh