Final Exams June 25-July 1

Final Exams

1.    The Final exams will be held on June 25—29, 2012 for week-day students, and June 30—July 01, 2012 for weekend students.

Ø  The schedule for the exams will be announced by the Office of Student Academic Affairs nearer the date.

2.    For undergraduate students, they will be held in the Conference Centre, and will be strictly monitored.

Ø  All students should be familiar with what is expected of them by now, and we will rigorously impose the existing regulations regarding cheating.

Ø  This will ensure that employers continue to respect and value degrees from The University of Cambodia.

3.    Students who sit the exam are expected to have maintained at least the minimum attendance required of them for that course; otherwise, they are barred from taking the exam, or their marks will be forfeited if they do take the exam.

4.    All students must bring their University identity card, so that their presence during the exam can be verified.

5.    You are reminded that the use of hand-phones (including as calculators) is BANNED, like all other forms of communication with anybody apart from the Chief Invigilator and other authorised personnel.