UC Staff Attend Event on HEMIS

The Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) hosted a presentation entitled “A Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS) in Cambodia” on December 15, 2010. Mr. Mork Gnoy, General Deputy Director of the Department of Higher Education, presided over the event, which was widely attended by representatives from public and private higher education institutions (HEI).

Dr. Y Ratana (Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Director for Academic Foundation Department), Mr. Chheang Sangvath (Director for Office of Student Affairs), and Mr. Song Sophoat (Deputy Director for AFD) attended on behalf of the University of Cambodia (UC).

The purpose of the event was for MoEYS to present HEMIS in its first draft plan and invite university representatives to provide feedback and new ideas.

According to Mr. Song, “HEMIS is important for UC because it can help the University work to prepare data in this database system and submit it to MoEYS.”

Starting in 2011, HEMIS will allow universities to check a student’s academic history starting from the secondary school level, which is expected to be beneficial for the universities. For example, UC can utilize student data to help it verify that a student has successfully passed the high school level and is eligible to register at the University.

The UC representatives felt positive about the first draft meeting and believe that HEMIS can help facilitate the interactions between MoEYS and HEIs. Moreover, they are pleased that public and private university officials are able to offer feedback about HEMIS to MoEYS. The feedback is valuable, as it will help to avoid mistakes and confusion in the future.

“We strongly hope that this system can be a modern system in the educational field, especially since the Royal Government of Cambodia considers education to be an important priority in the development of human resources,” said Mr. Song.