Registration of New Students

December 22, 2010


Important Announcement

for All New Students to register by February 25, 2011

for the Entrance Exam

The following applies to all prospective new students:

Ø      Undergraduate (enrolling to join the Foundation Year);

Ø      Master degree (MA);

Ø      and Doctoral degree (PhD).


The Office of Student Academic Affairs would like to request all prospective new students who will take the entrance exam on February 25, 2011 to come to fill out the Registration Form for the Entrance Exam and also to ensure that their personal information (such as: name, date of birth, etc., which will be printed on the degree) is correct.


The DEADLINE for the completion and submission of the Registration Form is February 23, 2010.

If you fail to do so, OSAA cannot guarantee that all the necessary information which will be submitted to the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport will be accurate and you will not be allowed to take the entrance exam in term II (2010-2011).



Chheang Sangvath


Office of Student Academic Affairs


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                - Vice President for Academic Affairs

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