UCSS Celebrates Khmer New Year

By Chin Tyheng (UC Student and UCSS Vice President)

After many months of preparation, we finally conducted a third project on 10 April, 2010, in order to welcome the Khmer New Year. During the event, we completed many activities, which lasted from the morning until night time. Some of the activities included praying with the monks, watching Ro Bam Trot, and playing many traditional games, such as Veay Kaorm, Loat Bao, and Bos Angkonh. Besides, we also prepared some small businesses, where our students were given the opportunity to sell their products. Those products included food, sweets, water, flowers and Khmer cake. We contributed a portion of net profits to fund raising for charity.
In the evening, we also hosted a concert so that UC students could show off their talents. This event allowed students to enjoy Khmer traditional song and dance, which was really fun, especially before we returned back to our home town. Those pictures and moments were memorable, because we were all happy together. Though we had to spend half of the day on the traditional ceremony and games, it was all worth it in the end, because the day was packed with joy and laughter.
One of the participants in our program, Mrs. Pech Sophearleak (a Term IV student majoring in International Relations) told us that the event was really interesting in the morning, because she was able to enjoy playing Khmer traditional games with her friends, not to mention all gifts that she had won. In addition, she told us that the evening session was also fun, and that she again won gifts by playing really exciting games. At the end of the program, we danced together and had a pleasant time. Sadly, the day had to end, and we said “goodbye” to our friends. Hope everyone also enjoyed the New Year break!