Training on Self-Motivation at UC

The University of Cambodia (UC) was pleased to cooperate with Professor Sovathana Sokhom from Claremont Graduate University in the United States in recruiting participants for her research.
The purpose of the study was to better understand how intangible human capital, through intervention of a self-esteem and motivation session, impacts self efficacy and political efficacy with respective to work activities. The study also explored the impact of such activities on economic growth in Less Developed Countries (LDC), such as Cambodia.
Staff members and students from UC volunteered for the study, and UC provided the necessary facilities for Professor Sokhom to conduct her survey.
Mrs. Por Malis, UC Vice President for Operations, found the session useful for staff members.
“I believe this type of activity will encourage people to work hard and believe in themselves,” she said. “This can help them become better workers at their jobs.”
The survey and session were confidential, and only Professor Sokhom will have access to identifiable data. The university will receive a final published copy detailing the results of study.