April 2009

New Dean Brings Fresh Perspective To UC

Jumping on board with the mission and vision of The University of Cambodia, the new Associate Dean of Graduate Studies possesses a young, optimistic spirit that will aid him in nurturing tomorrow's leaders. 

5th Asia Economic Forum To Examine Economic and Financial Crises

The University of Cambodia and the International Foundation for Arts and Culture will host the 5th Asia Economic Forum (AEF), “Asia’s Challenges and Opportunities During the Time of Global Economic and Financial Crises,” on April 6-7, 2009, at Raffles Le Royal Hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

Alumni Establish Association Established At Gathering

By Tim Vutha

Hundreds of UC alumni reunited to give birth to The University of Cambodia's Alumni Association on Saturday, March 7, 2009, at the UC Conference Center. 

New Assistants To Aid In University Growth

Five colleges and departments at The University of Cambodia gained new staff members this month to aid in the growth and expansion seen at the university in the past year. 

New Debate Club Mandate Prepares For First Competition

Upon the election of the The University of Cambodia Debate Club’s 2nd Mandate at the end of February, newly elected President Tim Vutha desires for the club to gain notoriety at UC while members prepare for the year's first competition. 

Students Raises Donations For Garbage Dump Children

UC Student Senate collaborates with People Improvement Organization to support the children at the Stung Mean Chey garbage dump. 

Civil Society Leaders Explain Role of Cambodia’s Public Sector

Kicking off the activities for 2009, the 4th mandate of the UC Student Senate hosted the forum "Youth and Civil Society: What Students Can Learn from Civil Society Leaders," inviting distinguished guests to teach students about how civil society operates and give them ideas on how they can become more involved in civil society initiatives. 

Students Learn Japanese Education Options

Professor Kiyoshi Fujikawa of Nagoya University came to The University of Cambodia in March as part of a lecture series sponsored by ADB. He presented UC students with a study abroad opportunity at the Graduate School of International Development, where he teaches.

Singapore Sets Example In Public Service

Singapore and Cambodia have their drastic differences, but according to David Ma, an instructor at Singapore’s Civil Service College who worked in the country’s Civil Service for more than 30 years, the two countries have a lot they can learn from each other in terms of public service.

UC Participates in Educational Congress Discussions

Chheang Sangvath, Associate Dean in the College of Education, attended the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport's annual educational congress on March 16-18, 2009, to give his input on the standards of higher education in Cambodia. 

UC To Offer Design Courses

In June, the College of Management will launch three new textile design courses to give students a more in-depth perspective on fashion and the garment industry. 

IT Department Upgrades Computers

In a recent technological overhaul, The University of Cambodia ordered 19 new computers for deans’ offices, administration offices and the virtual library. 

Internships Give Students Value For Their Careers

By Tim Vutha

Internships have become the trend for students wanting to practice what they learn in school and for them to gain new knowledge in the work place.

Partnership To Offer Students Cross-Cultural Experiences 

UC students soon will have the opportunity to travel to Japan to learn about life and culture through the Peace and Friendship Mission Group, an initiative set forth by UC Chancellor Dr. Haruhisa Handa. 

Human Rights Degree In UC's Future

As The University of Cambodia continues it's horizontal expansion to include more areas of academic study, it hopes to soon add to its repertoire a degree in Human Rights and Development. 

Students Prepare For Annual Entertainment Show

Preparations are underway for this year's UC Entertainment Show and Nhan Kongkearith is leading the action. 

Alumni Chat: Varony Ing

Varony Ing graduated with a Master's in Public Administration from The University of Cambodia in 2005 and currently works as a manager in Hagar International's newly established Programming Department.

From the Dean’s Desk: The Law - Not Just For Lawyers 

Tep Punloeu, Associate Dean in the College of Law, details the importance of law knowledge in ordinary citizens' lives. 

Student Perspectives: Youth Can Influence Society

Oeun Sam Art, an International Relations student, encourages youth to take action in improving today's society

Students Invited To World Civic Youth Forum 

Kyung Hee University in The Republic of Korea will host the annual World Civic Youth Forum on May 5-8, 2009.