@UC: News & Events at the University of Cambodia, February 2008



The first item concerns the Twinning Program between the University of Cambodia and the University of Ohio. This project will occur under the guidance of the President of the University of Cambodia, Dr Kao Kim Hourn and DR Craig Emery of Ohio’s Global Leadership Center. The finance for this program will be provided by the very generous contributions of Dr Paul Wenson Heng of Unigen Corporation.


The $30 000 program will pay for up to six exchange students to visit and work with the University of Cambodia. 


The University is looking forward to welcoming the cream of American students and our thanks go out to both Dr Heng and 

Dr Emery for their well appreciated contributions in both time and money. 


In a further development, the University is currently in discussion with the Royal Government of Brunei. The project aims to provide tuition for government employees from countries that have recently joined ASEAN.


The University is also pleased to have her cordial relationship with the Thakral Group of Companies cemented still further, with the announcement of the Thakral Professorship. This $45 000 package will be awarded to the most outstanding member of the University’s academic staff and will run for a period of three years. The money will be channeled into social research.


Lastly, the University has announced the establishment in February of the Japan Cambodia Society. 


The society aims to strengthen the relationship that exists between the two nations. It will pay particular attention to the “Social Dimension” in order to create a balanced approach to the enrichment of both cultures. This enrichment shall be achieved through the exchange of students, academics and other civil society representatives. 


The Society also seeks to create further channels of communication between the members of the ASEAN community and communities in East Asia.




UC is both proud and delighted to announce that one of our Fastrax students, Ms Tep Kong Kea Panhchakpor has secured a place on the fifth Mekong Youth Friendship Program. She is one of sixty- six delegates chosen from educational establishments around the Mekong River region. From January 12th to the 27th, she and her fellow delegates will visit China, Myanmar, Thailand, as well as Cambodia.


Her busy itinerary will see her arrival in Kunming on Saturday 12th January for an introductory meeting with her fellow delegates. On Tuesday, January 15th, Ms Tep will arrive in Rangoon for a stay of three nights. From Thursday to Sunday, MS Tep will be in Bankok, after which she will visit our very own Seam Reap. The remainder of her adventure will see her visit Luang Prabang and lastly Hanoi. 


The program will include Courtesy calls and receptions, visits to the many sites of cultural interest dotted along the course of the Mekong River, and interaction with local youth via the Youth Cooperation Forum. A maror aspect of the visit will center around protecting the environment of the mighty Mekong, with tree planting ceremonies, lectures on promoting an appreciation of cultural heritage and protection of river ecology. 


We at UC are very grateful to the host organizers, The All – China Youth Federation and the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security of Thailand. We also greatly appreciate Ms Tep’s sense of adventure and we are certain that she will prove to be a gracious and enthusiastic representative for both Cambodia and UC.




The end of December saw the University of Cambodia hold elections for the second mandate Student Senate for 2008 – 9. the electoral procedure took place over two days, Friday 28th and Saturday 29th of December. Each of the University’s study sessions, morning, afternoon, evening and weekend were represented with candidates vying for the positions of President, 

Vice-President (Administrative Affairs), Vice President (Technical Affairs), Treasurer and Secretary.


Great care was taken to ensure the electorate knew about the electoral process, with introductory discussions conducted by the President, Dr Kao Kim Hourn, H.E. Samraing Kimsan, Permanent Member of the UC Student Senate Elections and Dr Y Ratana, Dean of Undergraduate Studies. Every candidate was given the opportunity to speak about their candidacy and their suitability for their chosen position. Each step of the process was perfectly transparent, with the final count taking place before the eyes of the electorate.


At the end of this important and highly sociable occasion, the results were as follows.


UC Student Senate President: Ms Prang Chanthy


Vice-President (Administrative Affairs): Mr. Morm Sambathrathmanith


Vice-President (Technical Affairs): Ms Chim Chandanika


Treasurer: Ms Lim Ainay


Secretary: Ms Nuon Sovanvatey




The University of Cambodia has hosted a meeting between her President, Dr Kao Kim Hourn, representatives from Dr Handa’s Worldmate Organisation and members of the Media from Japan. 


Dr Kao described the University’s approach to providing further education. He emphasized the use of English as the exclusive medium of instruction, an approach towards integrating academic matter with global trends no other university in Cambodia was able to adopt. In addition, Dr Kao mentioned the many contributions the University of Cambodia was able to make in four years, owing to her innovative spirit and willingness to take the initiative. 


As well as emphasis on English, the University also promotes Information Technology, ensuring that her graduates enter the job market fully prepared with up-to-date computer skills. These skills will continue to be applicable, especially in the fluid job market of twenty-first century Cambodia.


Dr Kao also highlighted the truly international scope of the University of Cambodia, with her cosmopolitan Faculty and curricular shaped to meet the needs of the South East Asian region as a whole. In short, the graduate of the University of Cambodia is equipped with the best study and research skills and is prepared to question received wisdom.


Dr Kao wished the delegates to understand the very inspiring, positive and morally uplifting involvement of Dr Handa, who has had such a profound impact on the University. Indeed, the Prime Minister is aware of Dr Handa’s mighty efforts on behalf of Cambodian Culture and the two gentlemen take every opportunity to talk on subjects ranging from heritage to golf.


Dr Kao concluded his discussion with a brief discussion of the University’s plans to shape her Newspaper, Radio and Television stations so as to create a centralized School for Mass Media and Communication.  This project will stand as further testimony to Dr Handa’s vision and Generosity.. 


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