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University of Cambodia welcomes Dr Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Laureate in Economics, October 25, 2007.


On Thursday, October 25, the University of Cambodia was honoured to welcome and provide a forum for Dr Joseph Stiglitz. Dr Stiglitz is a leading authority on global economics, having been Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors during the Clinton administration of the U.S. In 2001, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work on asymmetric information and its effects on the marketplace.


Dr Stiglitz was in Phnom Penh to attend a three day meeting of the United Nations Development Program. However, he found time in his busy schedule to please the sizeable audience gathered at the University of Cambodia Conference Center with his presentation on Globalization, Development and Poverty: Contrasting Perspectives.


The presentation described the approach of various developing nations towards the challenges of globalization and suggested reasons why some of these approaches were more successful than others. 


Dr. Stiglitz argued that nations such as India, China and Malaysia had adopted assertive and pragmatic globalization policies that promoted a sustainable combination of economic growth and social stability. These policies included a willingness to make heavy investments in education and technology, strong macroeconomic measures to ensure competitive currency exchange rates and lastly, effective drives to eradicate poverty. 


In contrast, nations with less enviable track records had ignored the potential for long term growth, concentrating instead on short term, narrowly focused and unpredictable International Monetary Fund loans.


After the presentation, Dr Stiglitz had time before his next appointment to answer questions from the appreciative audience. Topics included Cambodia’s nascent oil industry and the use of the $U.S. in Cambodia.


The University of Cambodia’s sincere thanks go to Dr Stiglitz in sacrificing his valuable time for the audience’s benefit and edification. We wish you all the very best in your future projects and hope to see you again soon in Phnom Penh. 


University of Cambodia Enhances its I.T. Capabilities


The University has taken delivery of a consignment of new computer hardware.


In the foyer of the main building, there are five new units, each with a sleek black LCD display. They certainly add substance to the University’s vision to be at the forefront of technological developments in Cambodia.


The University’s Language Labs are now as good as any in the nation, with the addition of twenty new units. No longer simply a matter of arcane grammar rules, chalk and talk, the process of language learning at U.C. can now be a fully computerized, multimedia experience. 


Our thanks go to the University President, Dr Kao Kim Hourn, whose generosity made these impressive developments a reality.


U.C. and the Science And Technology In Society Forum

Dr Harusa Handa, Chancellor of U.C. and Dr Kao Kim Hourn, President of U.C. participated in the 4th Annual Meeting of the Science and Technology Forum. This event was held in Kyoto, Japan on the 7th – 9th October. This has been the second occasion when Dr Kao graced the proceedings with his presence. In addition, the forum was attended by 600 scientists, policy makers, business executives and media representatives from 71 countries.


Under the twin banners of “Harmony With Nature” and “Innovation”, the forum created a unified front to meet and challenge the dangers of climate change.


Welcoming the development of increased international consensus, the Forum examined ways in which technological innovation could be used to address issues such as energy efficiency/development of fission technology, water stress, population growth and food shortages.


Having made a valuable contribution to the Forum’s proceedings, Dr Kao went on to attend the University Presidents’ Breakfast meeting, hosted by the President of the University of Tokyo.


University of Cambodia Announces New Scholarships


The University of Cambodia is proud to offer the following scholarships.


40 University of Cambodia President’s Scholarships

20 Dr Toshu Fukami Scholarships

10 Paul Heng (President/CEO of Unigen Co) Scholarships

10 Thakral (Executive Director of the Thakral Holding Group) Scholarships

20 CADCOM (Cambodia Advanced Communication Co) Scholarships


If you are interested in applying for any of these scholarships, please contact the University of Cambodia and we will be delighted to pass the details on to you. 


Ways You Can Give to UC

Invest in higher education and the future of Cambodia, through a gift to the University of Cambodia. UC offers a number of ways to contribute to university development. Fund a scholarship or program, contribute to the Endowment, donate some books, or volunteer your time. For more information on how you can give to the University of Cambodia click here.


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