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Dr. Handa Eminent Diplomatic Program Kicks Off Ambassador Series 

Update: Dr. Handa Compensation and Memorial Fund for the Victims of the Khmer Rouge Genocide

Grand Opening of UC Fitness Center 


Academic Affairs

Internship Openings


With so many activities going on at UC, we are highlighting the following to show our commitment to our students and the Cambodian community. 


Dr. Handa Eminent Diplomatic Program kicks off Ambassador Series 

The Ambassador Series of Dr. Handa Eminent Diplomatic Program kicks off at the University on February 10, 2006 by welcoming the United States Ambassador Joseph A. Mussomeli. For two hours the Ambassador enlightened students and members of the community on Human Rights, Democracy, and US Foreign Policy. Well over 200 participants were in attendance to raise past, present, and future issues relating to political, social, and economical development between the United States and Cambodia.


The objectives of the Ambassador Series are to provide insights for students and community members on the possible future paths for Cambodia’s societal development. Distinguish lectures conceive not only to supplement and enhance the education of the next generation of society’s leaders, but contribute to the life long learning of the present civil servants in the public and private sectors. 


Topics addressed will vary depending on the prevailing political and economical situation and the possible consequences with Cambodia and the rest of the world. The focus of each lecture will be determined by the experience and expertise of the selected invitees, as well as the country they represent. The Ambassador series will cover a variety of areas such as the bilateral and multilateral international relations, major regional and global players with Cambodia, consider rising events in the region or elsewhere relating to trade laws, defense, international relations, and environmental matters. 


It is the aim of the University to expose Cambodians to the analysis and to the opinions of a diverse range of internationally recognized experts. It is the University’s hope to stimulate citizens to be more outward looking about Cambodia’s future in the globalizing economy. Only by the citizens adequate understanding of the broader picture and the ecological interaction involved, can Cambodia as a whole, expect to identify and realize its full potential.


Update: Dr. Handa Compensation and Memorial Fund for the Victims of the Khmer Rouge Genocide 


On February 19, 2006, the UC team visited 40 families in the Kompong Speu Province to launch a test project to interview victims of the Khmer Rouge Genocide as part of “Dr. Handa Compensation and Memorial Fund for the Victims of the Khmer Rouge Genocide.” Last year, Dr. Haruhisa Handa offered $1.3 million to the University of Cambodia to manage as part of the Dr. Handa Fund designed to pay a humble contribution of $100 to 10,000 poor families, mainly widows, who are surviving victims of the Khmer Rouge genocide. The fund is intended for ceremonial purposes, so victims can pay homage to their decease love ones. For further information, pictures, and updates on the Dr. Handa Fund visit www.handafund.org/.


The Dr. Handa Fund is timely because of the upcoming establishment of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal. A long awaited tribunal that will place the remaining top Khmer Rouge leaders on trial for their involvement of atrocious, heinous, crimes against humanity; the Cambodian Genocide that took during 1975-1979, which left well over 3 million people dead. 


For Cambodians this is the trial of the century, because it will lay the foundation to end the cultural of impunity and lay the foundation for peace and stability.


Grand Opening of UC Fitness Center 


Do you love your family? Do you love yourself? Do you feel confidence in yourself and the way you look? Do you feel healthy and vibrant? You can, at UC Fitness Center. 


If you are serious about optimizing your health and losing weight, feeling healthier and vibrant then UC Fitness Center is the place to be! Come prolong your life at the UC Fitness Center.  At UC Fitness Center new state of the art weight training equipment, cardiovascular machines, and free weights are readily available to satisfy various people’s needs to get fit and feel better about themselves. 


Increase your metabolism through proper nutrition and exercise. Gain your spirit back by developing a strength training exercise program that helps you tone muscles, look slimmer, and younger.   Start a new routine by getting motivated, change your habits to a healthier one, diet and exercise to feel healthier, lose weight, change your life and incorporate healthy habits.  You cannot deny yourself this opportunity.  The fitness center can help make a difference.  


The University encourages everyone to get started on the road to healthy living. The fitness center is opened 7 days a week, from 6am-8pm to all members of the community. 



The FasTrax Program for English Study celebrated its 1st Anniversary on February 21, 2006. FasTrax have had many students come and go through the English Proficiency Program. Students who have successfully finished the program are now pursuing their academic studies in their chosen field of studies. 


FasTrax student success rate in the program is an astounding 95% completion rate. The Center for English Studies will soon introduce many more sister programs for English skill development and perfection in the coming year. The demand for proficient English speaking students is high and FasTrax is committed in supplying well qualified students.


Academic Affairs

The academic department is revamping its academic curriculum to improve the quality of teachers. The goal is to have teachers facilitate knowledge exchange with the student body. It is the hope of the academic department and the University to make UC students more responsible for their learning and personal growth.


With the commitment to expand students understanding and knowledge of the world, the academic department is promoting the Korean and the Japanese languages. For those students interested in learning the languages of one of Cambodia’s biggest donor countries the opportunity will be available for the upcoming year. 


The Academic Department would like to welcome Shin Ahyeon. Ms. Ahyeon is a volunteer Korean teacher from Seoul, Korea. Her teaching skill will be added to the diverse language programs that the University has to offer.


Internship Openings 

The University is currently recruiting 45 interns to work in its various offices and programs under the UC Internship Program. The Internship Program provides students with excellent opportunities to learn, to work, and to eventually gain employment opportunities. The Internship Program is one of the most rewarding new programs offered. The University hopes that the program will help students develop personal and professional skills and mature into young professionals by making the most of their time studying at the University. 


For further information on UC Internship Program, qualifications, and benefits contract the University administration office or the academic office.


Donate to UC 

Invest in higher education and the future of Cambodia’s leaders by giving a gift to the University of Cambodia. UC offers a number of ways to contribute to the University’s development. Fund scholarships or programs that will forever change Cambodian students’ lives. Contribute to the endowment by donating books, computers, IT equipment, magazines, journals, etc., to our library and IT Center, or volunteer your time. Support UC’s campus expansion to offer higher education to communities in the Siem Riep area. Your generous contribution will make an ever lasting impact on Cambodia’s young leaders. For more information on how you can give to the University of Cambodia click here or contact us at the following.


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