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Ground-breaking ceremony held for new campus of UC

Cambodia Weekly, a new English language newspaper, set to launch

UC organizes the launch of Asia Faith-Development Dialogue

Dr. Handa Memorial Fund for the Khmer Rouge Projects

UC participates in Fourth East-Asia Congress

Second Asian Economic Forum

U.C. welcomes several important personalities as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series                           

Workshops and seminars 

Relationships with Overseas Universities and Other Institutions

Distinguished Visiting Faculty

Featured Faculty Member: Dr. Chay Navuth

Academic Affairs

Center for English Studies (CES)


2006 was a very eventful year for UC in terms of events, collaborations, and academics. This newsletter is an overview of the key events only.


Ground-breaking ceremony held for new campus of UC 


The groundbreaking ceremony for the new campus of UC was held on Dec. 21st.  Dr. Haruhisa Handa , H. E. Neang Phat and 

Dr. Kao Kim Hourn performed the rituals guided by the monks. The ceremony was attended by UC students, faculty and staff.


The new campus is located in Sangkat Teuk Thla, Khan Russei Keo, Phnom Penh. This new campus, covering 2.7 hectares, 

will become an active learning centre for research and experiments, vocational training, languages and vocational rehabilitation. 

In the future, it will also be the home of a television station and a radio station.



Cambodia Weekly, a new English language newspaper, set to launch

University of Cambodia announced the launch of The Cambodia Weekly, a new English language national weekly newspaper, 

in a press conference held on Dec. 21st. The Cambodia Weekly is a color, tabloid-sized newspaper which will be published on Sundays. Major sections of weekly coverage will include Business, Education, Science and Technology, Arts and Culture and Sports.


Several national newspapers’ representatives were present during the conference. Dr. Haruhisa Handa, Dr. Kao and the Editor-in-chief Ms. Olivia Doerge answered the questions of the audience.


At a meeting after the press-conference to launch the 'Cambodia Weekly', Dr. Handa announced the establishment of the Japan-Cambodia Society. This will aim to foster better mutual understanding between these two countries: to facilitate a better knowledge of their history and geography, and a greater awareness of their respective cultures. Plans include, for example, the setting up of information centers on the internet, together with student exchanges. In addition, there will be a drive to translate a variety of academic and other books into Khmei, in order to increase access of knowledge for Cambodians in general.   


UC organizes the launch of Asia Faith-Development Dialogue

In cooperation with Center for Culture and Vipassana, Institute of Research and Advanced Studies, and Asia Economic Forum, 

the University of Cambodia organized the launch of AFDD. Conference on ‘Building Peace and Harmony in Asia Through Inter-Faiths Dialogue and Development’ was also part of the launch, with H.E. Mr. Sar Kheng (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior) giving the opening address. It was sponsored by the International Foundation for Arts and Culture (IFAC).


AFDD is based on the initiative of Dr. Haruhisa Handa, World Mate Leader, President and Founder of the IFAC, and Chancellor 

of the University of Cambodia. It has been launched to promote dialogue, discussion and collaboration of different faith and belief groups in the Asia-Pacific region in order to promote reconciliation, cooperation, development, and partnership.


UC graduates the Class of 2006 

One year after its first graduation, the University of Cambodia graduated its student class of 2006 on September 29th.  Over 500 participants including parents, friends, and distinguished guests came together in this momentous occasion to honor 151 students who have successfully completed their academic studies at the university.   


At the ceremony, H.E. Dr. Pen Dareth read the citations for Honorary Doctoral Degrees for Prof. Katherine Marshall 

(former Counsellor to the President of the World Bank) and Mr. Paul Wenson Heng (President and CEO, Unigen Corporation).


In a separate ceremony a few days later, an honorary doctorate was conferred on H.E. Sok An (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister in charge of the Office of the Council of Ministers). 

Dr. Handa Memorial Fund for the Khmer Rouge Projects: Update

As part of the Dr. Handa Memorial Fund for the Khmer Rouge project, on October 26, $100 was given to each of one thousand families who had suffered during the KR genocide in Takhmau district, Kandal province.


The Dr. Handa Fund is named after its principle donor who is a Japanese philanthropist named Dr. Haruhisa Handa, also known by his pen-name of Toshu Fukami. The Dr. Handa Fund is a “symbolic gesture,” with the aim to console and support families who faced economical, psychological, and physical strife due to the Khmer Rouge.


UC participates in Fourth East-Asia Congress

Dr. Chay Navuth, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies at UC, attended the Fourth East-Asia Congress in Malaysia as UC representative. It was inaugurated by the Malaysian Prime-minister and attended by about two hundred participants. 

Dr. Navuth made his presentation on ‘Cambodia and Development: Ready for the Opportunity?’ He talked about the need for a successful export strategy for Cambodia.


Topics discussed in the congress included creation of an ASEAN community, ASEAN identity, values and need for common 

Asian currency.


Second Asian Economic Forum

The University hosted the Second Asia Economic Forum, on Bridging Development Gaps in East Asia: Vision, Strategic Direction and Plan of Action, at the Hotel le Royal in Phnom Penh on 24-26 April, 2006. The keynote address was given by Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen; other speakers included H.E. Keat Chhon (Senior Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance), 

H.E. Aun Porn Moniroth (Chairman, Spureme National Economic Council; Secretary of State, Ministry of Economy and Finance; Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister), H.E. Katherine Marshall (Advisor to the President, The World Bank), and 

H.E. Ong Keng Young (ASEAN Secretary-General).


The Third Asian Economic Forum is scheduled for early April, 2007: the theme will be on 'Leadership Needs and Challenges in the Twenty-First Century: Asian Perspectives'. 


U.C. welcomes several important personalities as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series  

Dr Richard Cronin spoke on a timely topic of "The U.S.-ASEAN Enhanced Partnership and other expressions of growing U.S .

interests in Southeast Asia on August 14 2006.

Professor Thomas Shostak , Dean of the Lifelong Learning Programs at Ohio University ,visited U.C. on October 3  and gave a brief talk on 'Lifelong Learning: A Ohio University Perspective’.   


Dr. Christopher Arterton , Dean of the Graduate school of Political Management, of George Washington University’s Columbian School of Arts and Sciences, visited U.C. on October 24  and spoke about ‘American Electoral Process and the Upcoming Congress Election’


Workshops and seminars 

The Leadership and Career Development Center of University of Cambodia organized a ‘Career Development’ workshop on September 18 to assist the students in marketing themselves to prospective employers. It aimed at helping the students prepare 

for job search and the follow-through of making contact and performing well in interviews.


On November 15 , specialist officers from Ministry of Environment and United Nations Development Program (UNDP), jointly organized seminar about implementations of Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol in Cambodia (Ozone Depleting Substances). 


Relationships with Overseas Universities and Other Institutions

UC has continued to expand its international connections: we believe it is important to look outward, to help to expand the availability of our resources for teaching, and to broaden the students' outlook through participation in exchange programs. 


Following up on a visit of Dr. Kao to Ohio University in April 2006, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed with this prestigious American university in June. Subsequently, three teams have visited us for discussions about how to develop and build upon this initial formalization. An immediate result has been the setting up of the Leadership and Career Development Centre at UC; further benefits from ties between the two universities are in the planning stage (e.g. the running of other workshops and short courses in Cambodia; the development of an integrated MBA program).


Also, a MOU has been signed with Kyung Hee University in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, to promote the exchange of students and staff. In particular, the aim is to promote international understanding by offering visiting students, accredited courses on our respective countries' languages and rich cultural heritages; and by encouraging collaboration in teaching and research.


Later, in September, UC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Cambodian office of the United Nations' Development Program. According to this, UNDP will deposit a collection of their books in our library (on a date to be announced shortly), as well as give talks at UC to our students and to the general public (as part of their 'Insights for Action' program). 


In addition, UC President has visited Japan, to participate in a panel discussion on 'Science Literacy for All' at the third Science and Technology in Society Forum on September 10th in Kyoto; and also to discuss with Waseda and Tokyo Universities about 

the possibility of setting up ties for future collaborative work.


Apart from a delegation from Ohio University, visitors to UC have included:-

Mr. Uwe Morawetz of the International Peace Foundation about 'Bridges - Dialogues Towards a Culture of Peace', to look into the possibility of conducting a program in the future with Nobel Laureates, who would give public lectures and hold workshops in Cambodia (as elsewhere in ASEAN, in an ongoing series of events; subsequent discussions by Dr. Kao in Japan have led to 

a proposal for this to be held in Cambodia in 2009-2010; 


A delegation from Texas State University, to discuss the possibility of collaboration and exchange programs; 

Professor Datuk Abu Bakar bin Abdul Hamid, Chairman of the Dept. of Media Studies, University Malaya in Malaysia, 

to explore possible collaboration in teaching and research; and 

Kangnam University, in South Korea, to discuss the development of a program to meet the special education requirements of disabled people.  

Website link for AFDD: www.afdd.org.kh 


Distinguished Visiting Faculty

UC also appointed two Distinguished Visiting Faculty: Lord George Carey of Clifton (Archbishop of Canterbury, 1991-2002) and Professor Katherine Marshall (Georgetown University; Former Counsellor to the President of the World Bank). Both are familiar faces, having previously received Honorary Doctorates from UC; and both will hopefully continue to remain so, through regular visits to give brief seminar courses to our students as well as public lectures. 


Featured Faculty Member: Dr. Chay Navuth 

Dr. Navuth received his undergraduate degree in Agriculture from Royal University of Agriculture, Phnom Penh. He received his Master's in International Relations from?, and a Ph.D. in International Studies from Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan .


He was involved in the Cambodian Rehabilitation and Regeneration (UNDP/ CARERE) Program assistance from Nov. 1996 to 

Mar. 2000. He has also lectured at the Royal University of Agriculture, where he taught and developed curriculum and supervised students’ project and reports. An expert in development anthropology, culture and social anthropology, and rural development, amongst others, he has participated in a fieldwork program in Surin, Thailand. He has done an internship in JICA Philippines 

where he studied and observed the development and decentralization process and policies in the Philippines. One of his recent publications is ‘Forestry Management and Exploitation – Case of Sambo Village, Kampong Thom Province’. Dr. Navuth has joined UC as the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.


Academic Affairs

In response to the apparent demand from students who do not yet have confidence in English, UC launched alternative (Khmer and Mixed) tracks in June 2006, where students have the option to do the same courses in their native language.


Academic Department would like to inform the graduating students that the exit examination will take place on Jan 9th, 2007.  

For those students successfully passing the examination will mean an opportunity to become part of an elite group of UC Alumni members. Please contact the respective College Coordinators for further details regarding the examination.


Center for English Studies (CES)

There have been many exciting changes at the Center for English Studies since the last Newsletter. A new director, 

Ms. Abegail Schwartz, started in July 2006. She has been with the University as part-time lecturer since February 2006. 


CES is currently offering four English language development courses. ‘FasTrax’ is still the most popular course with almost 160 students enrolled. A new textbook called Inside Out will be introduced in January 2007. The General ESL and Business English courses are targeting those students who want to improve their English at a slower pace. Please see the new brochure for more detail on these courses.


A completely new addition to CES is the offering of TOEFL/IELTS preparatory courses. If you planning to take the TOEFL or IELTS examination in the near future, please contact CES at ces@uc.edu.kh for more information on the preparatory courses on offer.


Important dates for 2007

New FasTrax term: 15 January 2007

New General ESL and Business English term: 26 February 2007

TOEFL/IELTS preparatory course starting date: 26 February 2007


Ways You Can Give to UC

Invest in higher education and the future of Cambodia, through a gift to the University of Cambodia. UC offers a number of ways to contribute to university development. Fund a scholarship or program, contribute to the Endowment, donate some books, or volunteer your time. For more information on how you can give to the University of Cambodia click here.


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