UC: News & Events, September 2005


“Foreign Investment Seminar” Raises Issues, Implications, and Opportunities for Cambodia’s Future 

Dr. Handa Compensation and Memorial Fund for the Victims of the Khmer Rouge: Update

UC Graduates the Class of 2005

The Accreditation Committee of Cambodia Accredits the UC Program

UC Releases Higher Education Publication

UC Releases the First 2005/2006 Academic Catalog

FasTrax News

IT Center Refurnish with 40 New Computers

Students Scholarship Examination 

Student Senate Election


With so many activities going on at UC, we are highlighting the following to show our commitment to our students and the Phnom Penh community.


“Foreign Investment Seminar” Raises Issues, Implications, and Opportunities for Cambodia’s Future


UC’s “Foreign Investment Seminar” co-sponsored by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation provided those working in the public and the private sectors current understanding of economic issues and opportunities related to Cambodia’s investment environment.   The two day talks on the attraction of foreign investment in Cambodia brought in a diverse community of investors and business professionals from Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. The seminar covered several heated policy discussions between Cambodian officials and the international investors on how to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Cambodia. 

The seminar raised pertinent issues, implications, and opportunities for Cambodia in the wake of a gigantic Chinese economy.  


China’s economic rise is changing the world and development.  While people understand that most FDI will flow to China, there will be opportunities for Cambodia to absorb the benefit of China’s growth.  Cambodia has the opportunity to become a supplier of raw materials and be an alternative production site for multinational corporations to produce differentiated products.  Cambodia needs to position itself appropriately by having sufficient and efficient infrastructures, and by providing a secure environment to do business.


The Royal Government of Cambodia has made extensive effort in seeing that Cambodia is well prepared to absorb the benefit of FDI.   The government has been working on projects which foster better investment environments to attract foreign investors by developing sufficient and efficient infrastructure, legal system, security, etc.  The government asks for cooperation to continue these efforts because all these efforts take time and change is slow.


Dr. Handa Compensation and Memorial Fund for the Victims of the Khmer Rouge Genocide: Update


The university has setup the selection committee to review applications for those interested in participation in the Dr. Handa project to pay a humble tribute to the victims and the survivors of the Khmer Rouge Genocide.   UC will send teams out to different provincial areas of Cambodia to review all project applications.  The Dr. Handa project aims to collect primary documentation of victims and survivors accounts to ensure that the young generation and the generation ahead will learn from this historical event.   


UC Graduates the Class of 2005

The University of Cambodia graduated its first student class of 2005.  Over 500 participants including parents, friends, and distinguish guests came together in this momentous occasion to honor 73 (56 Associates and 17 Masters) students who successfully completed their academic studies at the university.   H.E. Dr. Kol Pheng, Senior Minister and Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, officially congratulated students for their enduring accomplishments.


At the ceremony, three Honorary Doctorate degrees were bestowed to H.E. Keat Chhon, Senior Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance of the Royal Government of Cambodia, Lord George Carey, Former Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, and Dr. Shinjiro Matsui, Japan's Celebral Surgeon in recognition of their remarkable achievements and contributions in their careers and to Cambodia.


The Accreditation Committee of Cambodia Accredits the UC Program

As of September 20th 2005, the UC Program has been officially accredited by the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia.   A Letter of Recognition: 34/05 was gratefully received by the university.  As UC moves forward in its development, the university would like to thank all those involved in making the University of Cambodia the best higher education program in Cambodia.   


UC Releases Higher Education Publication 

The Institute of Research and Advance Studies dedicated to research activities inside and outside of Cambodia has recently released a new publication on Cambodia’s Higher Education.  The publication is a proceeding of the First Annual National Conference on “Cambodia’s Higher Education Today: Enhancing Quality and Building Partnerships.”  The publication highlights changing developments pertaining to the higher education system in Cambodia.  This publication is available at UC’s bookstore.


UC Releases the First 2005/2006 Academic Catalog

During the inaugural graduation ceremony UC released the first 2005/2006 Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Catalogs.  The catalogs are designed to facilitate students’ academic experience at the university.  These academic catalogs provide students with course listings, academic procedures and requirements, degree planning, resources and facilities at UC, scholarship information, etc., to help guide students through their four years in academia, as they pursue their academic goals.  For those who did not receive a free copy, the catalogue is available at UC’s bookstore for a minimal cost and will be made available on UC’s website at www.uc.edu.kh/.


FasTrax New

FasTrax is ending another successful term on the 14th of October.   Currently students’ placement testing is underway to place qualified students in the appropriate levels for English advancement.   The new term will begin on the 17th of October and FasTrax is looking at a 50% increase in enrolment.  


FasTrax is vital to all students pursuing advance studies.  It provides students with a clear understanding of the English language, vocabulary, and pronunciation in order to facilitate students’ degree program and provide them with the skills necessary for the international job market.


IT Center Refurnishes with 40 New Computers

Students will be pleasantly surprised when they visit the IT Center this academic school year.  The center has been recently refurnished with 40 new computers, with 17 inch monitors, and Pentium 4 Processors.  The investment in the IT Center aims to keep UC students up to date with the leading edge of technology and maintain UC’s commitment to advancing its students academic experience.     


Students Scholarship Examination

The Dr. Handa Scholarship examination brought in students from the different provinces of Cambodia looking for academic opportunities to improve their well being.   Hundreds of UC students gathered at the university to test their academic knowledge as they compete for scholarship funding offered by Dr. Haruhisa Handa.  UC’s scholarship competition aims to help students from all walks of life in their academic pursuit by rewarding those highly qualified with financial assistance during their studies at the university.  UC’s scholarship is based on excellent academic performances and high merit.


The result of the first round of testing showed that Seng Piseth is the only person to score 80% or better and will receive a 100% scholarship remission.  Other students did well and receive the following remission:


110 students will receive 50% remission 

281 students will receive 40% remission

133 students will receive 30% remission

60 students will receive 25% remission 


The University of Cambodia encourages all students to work hard and be well prepared for the next round of testing for the Dr. Handa Scholarship that will take place on October 19th.    


Student Senate Election

Congratulations to the newly elected student Senate members.  It was a heated race for the graduate and undergraduate Student Senate positions.  The votes have been counted and the results show elected winners for graduate and undergraduate candidacy of Student Senate are: 




Graduate:                                                              Undergraduate:


Srun Sokkim…President                                           Pak Phanna… President


Chea Sovannara…1st Vice-President                         Ing Kimsour… 1st Vice-President


Van Lyheang…2nd Vice-President                             Sreng Dina… 2nd Vice-President


Sou Botum…Treasurer                                            Uong Dimang…Treasurer


Chim Savorn…Secretary                                         Pel Sopheak…Secretary


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