UC: News & Events, October 2005


ďAsia Economic ForumĒ Raise Awareness of the Upcoming ďEast Asia SummitĒ 

UC Educational Collaboration with Four Australian Universities 


Welcome of New Professors

Students Scholarship Examination 

UCís Expansion in Progress 


With so many activities going on at UC, we are highlighting the following to show our commitment to our students and the Phnom Penh community.


ďAsia Economic ForumĒ Raise Awareness of the Upcoming East Asia Summit 

The Asia Economic Forum established by UC in May of 2005 as the universityís think tank aims to promote sustainable development, human development, economical and environmental sustainability in Asia, at the time of increasing globalization and growing regionalization.  Recently, AEF hosted a loquacious conference on ďThe Future of Asia: The First East Asia Summit and Its Implications for Asia and the World.Ē  The conference brought together domestic and international policymakers, leading scholars and researchers, eminent thinkers and educators, private sector leaders, youth, and civil society members in a policy dialogue on major issues facing Asia at the present and in the future.


Well over 200 participants attended the conference which raised pertinent questions concerning the up and coming East Asia Summit and Asiaís future development.  Speakers including H.E. Ong Keng Young, ASEAN Secretariat-General, H.E Mr. Kitti Wasinondh, Director-General, Department of ASEAN Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand, H.E. Mr. Sudjadnan Parnohadiningrat, Secretary-General, Department of Foreign Affairs, Indonesia, H.E. Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, Secretary-General, Supreme National Economic Council and Deputy Secretary-General, Ministry of Economy and Finance of Cambodia together speculated about the development of the East Asia Summit.  Their speculations looked at EAS rationale and strategic implications for building an East Asia Community, key issues, the roles in which ASEAN will play, and the road ahead for Asia.   


The day of dialogue with policy makers and the community led to a successful conference. The next Asia Economic Forum will be held in late April of 2006.  Topics for discussion are in development and AEF is open to new and innovative ideas.    


UC Educational Collaboration with Four Australian Universities 

The university is continuing its commitment to the educational advancement of its students and faculty members.  The university has been working towards setting up collaboration work with four Australian universities including the University of Western Australia, Murdoch University, University of Notre Dame (Australia), and Curtin University.  The collaboration with the Australian universities will provide students and faculty members the opportunity to participate in an exchange program, study abroad, research, access to universities partnersí library network, etc.  Plus, The University of Notre Dame, Australia will accept UCís credit for those who are looking to study abroad.


UC will setup the Office of International Affairs who will manage this new program. With the collaboration work already under way, the university is looking to recruit someone to manage the department.  All interested recruits should contract the university.      



FasTrax has recently completed its mid-period exam.  Over 145 students tested their English language proficiency with the program.  The results show that students are progressing very well in English proficiency.  Supporting this result is the consistent increase of enrolment in the FasTrax program, 20% this period alone.  


The next period for FasTrax will begin on November 28, 2005.  FasTrax will have two new teachers on board to help facilitate studentsí knowledge acquisition of English.    


Welcome of New Professors & Faculties

U.C. faculty and student body is pleased to have diverse new members join the U.C. family this term. The university would like to send a warm welcome to our new faculty members.


Ms. Kanazawa Mieko and Mr. Takeyoshi Kiichiro will be here for one year.  Their primary focus will be to teach the Japanese language to students eager to learn the native tongue of Cambodiaís most prominent aid donating country.  Adding to the list of welcoming language instructors, FasTrax, UCís elite English language department hired Ms. In Mayan and Mr. Lun Borey.  Both Ms. In and Mr. Lun will assist students to perfect their English proficiency. 


Students Scholarship Examination 

Congratulation to the 115 students who successfully passed the Dr. Handa Scholarship examination.  Dr. Handa Scholarship is based on excellent academic performances and high merit.  The Dr. Handa Scholarship is intended to help financially assist students in their academic endeavors.  


The result of this round of testing showed that students did well and received the following remission:


30 students will receive 50% remission 

56 students will receive 40% remission

26 students will receive 30% remission

3   students will receive 25% remission 


UCís Expansion in Progress

Since its inception, the university has been experiencing continuous growth in all of its academic departments and community programs.  With this continued growth, the university is looking to expand into the Kep and the Siem Riep areas next year.  On the main campus UC intends to do major renovation work to its main building and add a new building to house community programs such as the recent successful achievements of the Asia Economic Forum. 


This fall, the university is moving ahead with renovation work on its main building that houses classes, the conference hall, library, book store, IT department, etc.  Included in this remodeling will be a state of the art elevator.  The elevator will be placed in the center of the main building to allow convenient access to the top floors and the UCís Conference Hall.  


Thakralís donation towards UCís Conference Hall renovation is much appreciated by the university.  The funding will be used to raise the roof and add high-tech seats and a surround sound system so that all people can enjoy the vibrant community activity hosted by the university.    


In the main lobby, UCís bookstore will have a new look.  In addition, UCís commitment to its student body to be the leading, progressive educational institute in Cambodia has resulted in the expansion of its library, so that it could house more educational literature.  UC intends to make the library into the biggest and best library in Cambodia for scholars from all walks of life to enjoy the educational experience.        


Donate to UC

Invest in higher education and the future of Cambodiaís leaders by giving a gift to the University of Cambodia. UC offers a number of ways to contribute to the universityís development. Fund scholarships or programs that will forever change Cambodian studentsí lives.   Contribute to the endowment by donating books, computers, IT equipment, magazines, journals, etc. to our library and IT Center, or volunteer your time.  Support UCís campus expansion to offer higher education to communities in the Siem Riep and the Kep areas.  Your generous contribution will make an ever lasting impact on Cambodiaís young leaders.   For more information on how you can give to the University of Cambodia click here.


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