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May 2005


Small Business Management students win the hearts of audience 

Professor  Rajah Rasiah from University of Malaya,  speaks on 'China's Competitive Impact on Southeast Asia with Specific Focus on Cambodia 

Featured Faculty: Mr. Ing Kerya  

FasTrax becomes one of the most popular programs in Phnom Penh  

New Academic Term begins June 20th  

U.C. invites Budding Writers for U.C. Newsletter Ways You Can Give to U.C. 


Small Business Management students win the hearts of audience     

University of Cambodia saw its first cultural event organized by the students on May 24th. The students from Small Business Management class put up a beautiful four hour show. U.C. President Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, attended the function and gave an encouraging speech. Several students performed on stage. The highlight of the show was a performance by famous singer, Nub bayarith. All the performers did a great job. The climax of the show was the Fashion Show which was presented in a splendid manner. U.C. appreciates the effort put in by the students and U.C. teachers Ms. Lopez Gina and Ms. Naulgan Helen . We look forward to more such events.


Professor  Rajah Rasiah from University of Malaya,  speaks on 'China's Competitive Impact on Southeast Asia with Specific Focus on Cambodia'

 As part of the U.C. Distinguished Public Lecture Forum, Prof. Rajah Rasiah from University of Malay, visited U.C. on May 6th and  gave a very informative lecture on China's impact on Southeast Asia . He focused on China's competitive impact on Cambodia.


Featured Faculty Member: Mr. Ing Kerya

Coordinator, College of Law


Mr. Ing Kerya is a native Cambodian. He joined University of Cambodia in December 2004 as a part-time teacher and was promoted to Coordinator for College of  Law          


During his graduation, he was chosen to visit Japan as  part of the International University Exchange Seminar. He has worked as a Legal Assistant for former governor of Phnom Penh. He has also worked as lecturer of contract law at Royal University of Law and Economics and as lecturer of constitutional law at MEKONG University. He has been a National Consultant for Customs Training at the Ministry of Environment.    


Mr. Ing earned his Masters Degree from Transnational Law and Business University, Seoul (Korea) and his Bachelor of Law from Faculty of Law and Economics, Phnom Penh.


FasTrax becomes one of the most popular programs in Phnom Penh 

FasTrax  has become one of the most sought after programs in Cambodia.    The enrolment has increased by 30% within three periods. To accomodate the students, Fastrax classes are being moved to the 'Cafe Courtyard Building'. New students are encouraged to register now for the next term.


New Academic Term begins June 20th 

The new Academic Term begins on  June 20th, the third Monday of June.. Both old and new students are encouraged to start registering. Please contact the Admissions Office for assistance.


U.C. invites budding writers for Newsletter

In its pursuit of multi-dimensional growth of students, starting next month, U.C. Newsletter will include a piece of writing by a U.C. student. Students are encouraged to submit their work in form of poetry, quote, article etc.    If interested, please  contact Shikha at shikha.eng@uc.edu.kh for further details).


Ways You Can Give to U.C.

Invest in higher education and the future of Cambodia, through a gift to the University of Cambodia. U.C. offers a number of ways to contribute to university development. Fund a scholarship or program, contribute to the Endowment, donate some books, or volunteer your time. For more information on how you can give to the University of Cambodia click here.


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