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Noh Performance Echoes 

Ancient Art Lasting Healing Power

Launching of University of Cambodia Foundation

UC Welcomes Back Students for 2006

Student News

UC Continues Expansion 


With so many activities going on at UC, we are highlighting the following to show our commitment to our students and the Cambodian community.


Noh Performance Echoes 

One of the world’s oldest music and dance theatrical art performances known as the “Noh” took center stage at Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s legendary temple.   The event was to be the last event held at Angkor Wat, setting a tone for a magical evening.   “The Noh by Firelight at Angkor Wat” performance drew well over 1500 viewers who came to see two legendary cultures merge together under the warm evening sky in Siem Riep.  


As the lights dimmed down, the drum beats echoed in the corridor of Angkor Wat.  The soul of Japanese art culture with its majestic dancing and chanting touched the ancestral spirits of the Angkor civilization.    The Noh brought two legendary civilizations together under the foundation of peace, cooperation, prosperity, and happiness for all human beings.   


The music and dance drama featured the renowned Dr. Toshu Fukami, Junnosuke Watanabe, and Noritada Yamamoto played out in three audacious performances.  These performances included Noh Hagorom (The celestial robe), Kyogen Boushibari (Japanese theatrical comedy), and Noh Kuramatengu (Warrior Drama) kept the audiences glued to their seats.  As actors and actresses don their traditional costumes and masks, distinct characters emerged to play out their roles in front of national and international guests from around the world. 


Amongst the guests included H.R.H. Prince Samdech Norodom Sirivudh, Deputy Prime Minister, and Co-Minister of the Ministry of Interior; H.E. The Governor of Siem Riep; H.R.H. Prince Sisovath Panara Sereyvuth, Minister of Culture and Fine Arts; H.E. Lay Prahas, Minister of Tourism; and Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and President of the University of Cambodia.  This magical night was made possible by the International Foundation of Arts and Culture, supported by the Royal Government of Cambodia, and under auspices of The Apsara Authority, The University of Cambodia, The Provincial Government of Siem Riep, and The Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Tokyo.  


Ancient Art Lasting Healing Power

Professor Chhem Kieth Rethy, MD, PhD from the University of Western Ontario, Canada unveils years of research in Cambodia.  His research focusing on the “Ancient Art of Healing in Angkor” enlightened students, faculty, and educators from the community about the role and influence of Buddhism on medical theories and practices during the 12th century CE.   


Dr. Chhem Kieth Rethy’s work used diverse sources including archaeological, iconographical, Sanskrit inscriptions, and Khmer medical manuscripts as anecdotal evidence.  The findings suggest that after the Chams defeat and expulsion from Angkor, the Khmer people rebuilt an advanced public infrastructure that included monastic Buddhist universities and 102 hospitals called arogyasala.  Archaeological evidence presented by Dr. Chhem Kieth Rethy are forever preserved in the stone carvings temples that were erected during King Jayavarman VII reign.   


Launching of University of Cambodia Foundation

Established in 2005, the University of Cambodia Foundation is an integral part of the University of Cambodia.  Its purpose is to assure financial support for each of its two campuses located in the cities of Phnom Penh and soon to be in Siem Riep. The Foundation aims at building long-term relationships with national, regional, and international corporations, organizations, alumni, friends, and other foundations interested in supporting the University in providing excellent academic education for students and research development.



The University of Cambodia Foundation seeks financial support from private individuals, families and friends, corporations, organizations, and other foundations interested in supporting the University of Cambodia to achieve its mission in providing a higher education for students and the community.  The Foundation administers the distribution of all funds to ensure appropriate allocation of donor gifts.  


Since the University of Cambodia is a private institution, the University does not receive state support of any kind.  Generous donor funds supporting the university play a vital part in helping to assure long-term academic excellence.  Everyone has a role to play and can contribute to the University development.  Behind every gift to the foundation there is an individual, a corporation, or an organization determined to advance the quality of Cambodia’s education.


Role of the Foundation

The role of University of Cambodia Foundation is to raise and manage private funds to further educational excellence and support intellectual development at the University of Cambodia. The Foundation is designated as the primary fundraiser and manager of funds to the University from donors including alumni, families and friends, organizations, corporations, and other foundations.  The Foundation works diligently to generate private donations for the University’s major funding priorities.  In addition to raising money effectively, the Foundation takes very seriously the responsibility of providing careful allocation and management of funds raised.


The Foundation serves donors and their interests in the University of Cambodia, as well as the wants and needs of students, faculty and staff, and the needs of the community in Cambodia.  Thus, the foundation strives to maximize private donor support to enable the University of Cambodia to fulfill its mission by providing excellence in teaching, research, scholarly publications, commendable community service to community at large, and scholarships to deserving students. 


The Foundation encourages diverse levels of support by retaining donors and continually expanding donor base to assure future fundraising success.  The University of Cambodia Foundation exists solely for the benefit of the University of Cambodia and the Cambodian people.


UC Welcomes Back Students for 2006

On behalf the all the faculty and staff of the University, we would like to send best wishes to all of our students, families, friends, and our constituencies.   The University would like to welcome back students for the new 2006 term and hope that the new year will bring prosperity and happiness to all.  


UC students will be delighted to start the new year with an art invitation by the International Foundation of Arts and Culture and the University.   This invitation includes taking a road trip to Siem Riep to view the legendary Angkor Wat and the Japanese art theatre entitled “The Noh by Firelight at Angkor Wat.”   Happy New Year!


Student News

UC students were all invited by Dr. Toshu Fukami, Chancellor of the University of Cambodia to attend the one and only performance of the “Noh by Firelight at Angkor Wat.”  The all expense trip attracted some 600 students and staff to take the long bus ride to Siem Riep.  Despite the long road trip, students were delighted and thankful for the opportunity to participate in the legendary show.  Even more, students were able to watch their very own UC Chancellor, Dr. Toshu Fukami stealing the show away in his role of Kuramatengu.   


This special event was made possible by the International Foundation of Arts and Culture and the University which are committed to broadening students’ horizons.  The event allowed UC students to learn about the legendary Japanese art culture which is over 700 years old.  This art culture is often known to be the soul of the Japanese tradition which symbolizes peace, prosperity, and happiness to all.  


UC Continues Expansion

The new year has brought about new changes to the university’s infrastructure development.  Some renovation work on UC’s main building has been completed.  The stairwell in the main lobby gives students direct access to the first floor and the new and improved computer lab, where 35 new computers have been added to meet the IT demands of our growing student body.  The main lobby also provides access to the university bookstore and the Toshu Fukami Library where students and community members can access academic and nonacademic publications and school supplies. 


The University would like to send especial thanks to the Thakral Holding Group for their generous donation towards the expansion of UC’s department and infrastructure.  Thakral’s donation to renovate UC’s Conference Hall will soon be underway.  In the meantime, Thakral Holding Group has helped to add a new science department designed to expand students’ intellectual capacity by building essential skills for the future.  


This department will begin by offering a watch training program for students interested in acquiring technical skills in watch repair.  It will gradually expand into other areas of technical training.  The focus will be on the sciences.  The new science department will be housed on the second floor of the administration building, besides the Asia Economic Forum and the Institute of Research and Advance Studies Programs.   


Donate to UC

Invest in higher education and the future of Cambodia’s leaders by giving a gift to the University of Cambodia. UC offers a number of ways to contribute to the University’s development. Fund scholarships or programs that will forever change Cambodian students’ lives.   Contribute to the endowment by donating books, computers, IT equipment, magazines, journals, etc., to our library and IT Center, or volunteer your time.  Support UC’s campus expansion to offer higher education to communities in the Siem Riep area. Your generous contribution will make an ever lasting impact on Cambodia’s young leaders.

For more information on how you can give to the University of Cambodia click here.


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