The Cambodia Weekly Announces New Name: 

The Southeast Asia Weekly



Anticipating the grand opening of the new T.V. station (Southeast Asia Television) and coinciding with the up and running radio station (FM 106), The Cambodia Weekly has decided to under go a name change. It will now be known as The Southeast Asia Weekly under the authority of the President, Dr. Kao Kim Hourn. 


The Cambodia Weekly just recently refocused its direction towards the younger generation, after realizing that the students are our future. The newspaper wanted to focus more on the educational and cultural viewpoints of the students by providing them with a plethora of information, states Managing editor Aun Pheap. 


As The Cambodia Weekly once stated, “over 50 percent of them are under the age of 24. We look forward to working alongside this energetic and creative psychographic in the future”. 


Nevertheless, “we need to strengthen and broaden the coverage of various events relating to the Southeast Asia region” says Publisher Tong Ann. 


The new newspaper wants to focus more of their attention towards news related to the whole Southeast Asia region where everyone can learn about what is going on in our country. 


The Southeast Asia Weekly will sport a new logo to coincide with the massive expansion project of the new university. New articles will be in both the Khmer and English language. To take a glimpse look at the new issue of The Southeast Asia Weekly, pick up a copy at newsstands in Phnom Penh.