Sixth Annual Fashion Shows Proves To Be More Than Ordinary

As Term 2 comes to an end, everyone finds themselves gathered at the UC Conference Room for the Sixth Annual Fashion Show in celebration of the founding of The University of Cambodia on Sunday, June 21, 2009. 


Organized by UCSS and UCDC, with the advisory of Ms. Gina Lopez, everyone showed how great the event turned out to be in the end. 


This year was not supposed to be anything grand. Just a time to remember the accomplishments the university as a whole has done. This is the time of year to celebrate UC student talents.


“UC students are strong in art and talent,” states Mr. Tim Vutha, UCDC president. “We need to show others that we can work as a team and can collaborate well with everyone.” This year’s budget was very limited. As a result, finding sponsors proved to be a challenging task. Many of the students went out to look for sponsors, but had no luck. 


However, thanks to the help of our radio station (FM 106) and newspaper (The Southeast Asia Weekly), with one week left until the event, sponsors began pouring in. 


But the sponsors weren’t the main concern for the organizers. Trying to get models, singers, and dancers were their priority. “Without any of them, there would be no show,” states Mr. Vutha. 


Many believed that this year would not compare to the previous years. But in fact, it turned out to be outstanding. As part of the committee, Mr. Vutha stated, “This year, there were more events going on and prettier decorations.” 

When asked about how the show went, Ms. Son Sopheap, a second-year Finance and Banking student said, “It was very exciting. I didn’t expect that it would be great. I was very surprised. My favorite part of the show was when the models came out in the traditional clothes.” When asked if she would come again, she said yes. 

Looking deeper into the event, I asked Ms. Rozanna Horn, a second-year English Literature student, how it felt to be a model.


“We practiced for over a month. We mainly worked on our walks and facial expressions,” stated Ms. Horn. When the final night came, she told me that “walking was hard. It hurt my legs. But it was worth it.”


In accordance to the audience, everyone’s favorite part was the modeling section. The models dressed in traditional, casual, cocktail, punk, UC students’ outfits, UC graduation clothing, and professional wear. The traditional clothes section was a favorite for everyone. It enhanced our cultures repertoire.

However, no one expected that there would be a special guest. Well known to the Cambodian community, DJ Kleang presented his presence at the show. Originally only coming to see his friend, Ms. Adda sing, who was once a UC student as well, he decided he wanted to take part in the event. It was entertaining to have him as part of the show. 

Another famous singer, Ms. Nitha, made an appearance at the show. Joining Rock Production, she made the event special too. 

This was a night to remember. This year’s event would not be possible if it was not for the help of the UCSS and UCDC, as well as all the sponsors and participants of the show.

“People didn’t have high expectations for the 

event this year. But we proved them wrong. Now they are expecting something even bigger for next year. We must prove that we can make it even better,” says Mr. Vutha.